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Reasoning | Who has logic solves - startblog

Today, in the hundred and twenty-fourth post here at Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Reasoning | Who has logic solves on startblog

Centuries ago in Macedonia, was born the essence of logic. Aristotle, the philosopher, created the theory of argument valid. A tool for science and knowledge. Join us and learn how to turn a logical reasoning to your life.

Many people seek to develop logical reasoning by feel difficulty, or to get better at it. Is indicated to develop in childhood or adolescent, however, it is never too late to exercise the brain. The logic is a Greek term "logiké" relates to the logos, reason, speech or reason, based on the science of reasoning. Everything leads us to a logical way of thinking, for example. Want to fit a square within a circle, it will never work.

Reasoning | Who has logic solves on startblog

As specialists in the field, we humans, practicing enough, we use only 5% of our capacity. It is therefore important the knowledge and cultural growth to evolve.

According to the father of logic, for thought become correct is crucial to have the elements, concept and reasoning. Corresponding relations existing between these elements, the laws of logic. After Aristotle, until the 13th century, came the medieval foundations being responsible, Galen thinkers, Porphyry and Alexander of Afrodísia, ranking it as the science of dictate correctly the reasoning.

Reasoning | Who has logic solves on startblog

Mathematical logic studies the structure or shape, say it was Leibniz who brought this concept. Is the deduction of statements with rules and a group of laws determining the validity of reasonings. Are valid when achieved a true conclusion. You can use to identify other deductive and inductive reasoning as. The first is obtained the conclusion from premises. The inductive are the odds.

Reasoning | Who has logic solves on startblog

We can cite the logic of argumentation that allows valid check, whether an action or utterance. In this case the logic is used tangible proposals for verification of content. Known as syllogisms, composed of two premises and a conclusion. For example: Apple is the top in the technological area. All computers are professionals. Soon, the Apple is the best.

The programming logic is used to program with agility. Essential to develop programs, games and computer system, as it brings the logical operation. To program it is necessary to create an algorithm language, consists of a proper sequence so that the function is executed to perfection. In the United Kingdom programming is part of the curriculum and in the United States, President Obama defended the benefits of learning to program starting in childhood.

Reasoning | Who has logic solves on startblog

The practice of reading and writing improves the ability of the mind to understand and encourage the brain to think in a critical way. When does a reading of subjects and genres that never read before, your IQ increases. Write with the opposite hand is a hint to increase capacity on the other side of the brain.

Listen to classical music before a test is recommended for better performance in the short term. Have a good diet rich in nutrients as vegetables, vegetables, Omega 3, vitamin B9 help in learning and brain's logical work. To better understand, look for a nutritionist.

The practice of physical exercise stimulates blood flow, bringing good results. Helps and strengthens memory. We recommend that you play an instrument or learn a new to stimulate motor skills and memory.

Reasoning | Who has logic solves on startblog

Nowadays the research directed to logic, encompass many areas of knowledge. There are several ways to exercise the brain. Practice problems or logic games are activities where it is necessary to use reasoning to solve.

With the evolution of the Board games like chess and video games, strategy games that help improve the stimuli, agility, decision making, attention and other various benefits, gives a play on the video game of chess and the importance of the games all activities to becoming healthy is important for balance. Simple games and has good memory, Rubik's cube, puzzles, sudoku and puzzles.

Reasoning | Who has logic solves on startblog

With all the Apps are great tools to supercharge your brain's potential, broke up 2 of them that will help you become an expert in logic.

Fit Brains:

Tthe game developed by neuroscientists, help at the speed of reasoning and logic and memory. Available for IOS and Android.


Developed by a team of neuroscientists, the proposal is a training program with daily exercises to stimulate the memory, logic and helps in making decisions. Available for IOS and Android.

Practice makes perfect. The important thing is to stimulate all the senses every day, pay attention to the actions and how to perform them, improving the power of concentration. So, you have a great memory when you're older.

Reasoning | Who has logic solves on startblog

The brain is equal to the difference is the ability that each has to stimulate it. Increase the percentage of storage and grow with the knowledge.

Let the live strong and active.

Until the next post,

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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