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Relieve the symptoms of this joint ATM - startblog

Today, in our forty-fifth post here on the Startblog, the series, company Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

ATM relieve symptoms of this joint on startblog
ATM relieve symptoms of this joint on startblog

Have you ever been in a situation with friends, where they gave lots of laughter and your jaw suddenly crashed, couldn't close, open was paralyzed for a while, if you don't meet this phenomenon called DTM, follow our post and learn how to prevent and resolve when occur.

ATM dysfunction that affects the temporomandibular joint, muscles that connects the jaw to the skull and is located on both sides of the head, the front of the ears, this phenomenon is called TMD. The jaw is composed of several joints, ligaments, bones, being responsible for chewing, talking, singing, kissing, when they don't work right may occur this problem.

The signs and symptoms are diverse as; crackling, pressure behind the eyes, headaches, cold, pressure pain and ringing in the ears, pain when yawning and chewing, affecting the joints jaws and facial muscles, and may hang. It is not clear why that occurs in people, had a case that was due to one of the many laughs, remaining locked for more than 3 hours, and hydrate with straw. The important thing is to stay tuned to look for a professional to carry out detailed examinations.

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Lives in stress, looking forward, is going through a depression, that is subject to feel this discomfort. We posted on our youtube channel Startblog and the importance of having healthy habits, stretching, relaxation, if you eat healthy, get a good night's sleep. These habits bring benefits to health, mental, oral and even body for some cases.

The man is looking for a professional, in some cases the dentist will help, in others, it will display the speech therapy (studies of the appliance fonador) the audiologist is coupled with the dentist.

The patient with the help of the professionals will take care with facial exercises, massages and electro face. Let's take some stretching tips to avoid and alleviate these symptoms.

ATM relieve symptoms of this joint on startblog
ATM relieve symptoms of this joint on startblog

Doctors suggest the strengthening of the muscles in the jaw for it is important to practice with repetitions of daily exercises. Like pressing two fingers on his chin, forcing them and open and close the mouth. Remember that the feeling has to be enjoyable to perform, never force or in pain, in this case, see a doctor.

With the straight posture, open your mouth to pull the Chin on the chest, repeat 3 x in some sequences, making pauses. Strengthens the muscles involved in the ATM.

ATM relieve symptoms of this joint on startblog
ATM relieve symptoms of this joint on startblog

Put your tongue on the roof of the mouth and open and close the good sometimes. In this way will help the relaxation of the jaw.

Do goldfish mouth and repeat a few times. Doctors say that brings relief from stiffness of the ATM.

Take a deep breath and release tension while exhaling. Inhale for five seconds through your nose and exhaling for five seconds, release the tension from the jaw and relax every muscle. Repeat this breath whenever you need.

Massage the jaw is important, talk, in fact, slow motion is positive, yawn, no fear.

These were some simple tips that we brought, for other and learn more about ATM look for a doctor.

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Until the next post,

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