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Retromarketing | Nostalgic revival of products - startblog

Today, in our hundredth eleventh here in Starblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

(Image / photo / disclosure) my first gradient

How good is the ability to rescue moments and arouse feelings, a reminder of childhood to the taste of the Itubaína or encounter a refrigerator in your House yellow friend. Companies from various branches adhere to "good memories" to revive products that marked the peculiarly market carries each, an important reminder. Join us and see what is retromarketing.

Memory is one of the best of human capabilities to meet different cultures and adding value to experiences. Companies keep their eye and bring through tastes, flavors, fragrances, tastes, a nostalgic language. The retromarketing is the relaunch of products made in ancient times, come back in a while, however, the feel and the memory of this moment, you can take part in these days.

(Image / photo / disclosure) Genius success years 80-re-released on the market

With toys, soft drinks, chocolates, labels, packaging, electronics, and other campaigns. Some people remember the Aquaplay, my first gradient, lollo, Genius, Star and Tectoy one of many examples that are full throttle back on the market. You must be wondering, do companies have no ideas to launch new products. Obviously Yes.

Entrepreneurs use to trigger growth disruptor and uses the retro to revive the nostalgia of our unconscious. Accompany your market exponentially innovation and competition.

(Image/photo/disclosure) Genius success years 80-re-released on the market

Entrepreneurs of the star and Tectoy did a case study and asked for the fans respond to market research, thus evaluated ways to join toys to modern times. Engaging in the choice of products to relaunch on the shelves of large malls and stores. Made necessary changes to the present day, applications and technologies like Ipad, cell phones and video games.

Important at this stage of study understand the differences and changes as the iconic products to exist by adapting elements to the present day, using all the tools necessary to your favor.

The toys of an earlier era were played in groups, board games. Nowadays, with the technology innovation and the arrival of the Ipad and smartphones offer games on Play Store or App Store and usually play alone or with a virtual player. A key point seen by businessmen was based on interactivity among all.

(Image/photo/disclosure) Current model Polaroid re-released on the market

With this ease of communication, marketing managers interact in groups in social media and accompany requests and comments on the mark, as happened with the chocolate of Nestlé Lollo. The value quadrupled the original profitability.

The marketing issue with toys and vintage pieces is to recycle outdated objects and renew the fashion of modern times, adding strength with every season.

(Image/photo/disclosure) modern record players rethrown in the market

A trend that comes to stay, the naturalness in the behavior of people with a history of good inspirations and memories. The important thing is to be aware of the relationship and this type of marketing, since the public shows great results to the market.

Large companies recommend synergy to work engaged in a market that grows sharply. Be aligned between all maintaining harmony, respect and commitment.

Now that is already inside the news, can put a vinyl to play on a turntable with USB input, the hint.

Until the next post,

CEO| Starttles

Start Tv Company

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