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Robots are among us, and thinking! Google takes the lead - startblog

Smart robots between us, are you ready?

Robots are among us, and thinking! Google takes the lead - startblog

Alphabet,is Google's parent company and invests in robotics-oriented research.

Known as the Everyday Robotproject, it is developed by the Research & Development Laboratory, also known as Laboratory X by its employees. The creation of robots with its own wills, scares society since in Hollywood films this was always the beginning of the process of the end of humanity.

(Photo, image, disclosure) Logo Alphabet - Google

As published on the laboratory blog by Hans Peter Brodmo, alphabetrobotics expert, it is already possible todevelop robots that learn alone and perform new tasks only by observation and attempt, without the need for a programmer to enter the codes of a given task. Currently, Alphabetrobots already perform tasks suchas analyzing piles of garbage and separating non-recyclable materials.

Of course it will take a few years for these robots to be available to the public, but the goal is to make robots as useful to people in the physical world as computers are in the virtual world.

The next step in the project is to get these robots to use the skills they have acquired in this task to learn a slightly more complex new task.

In 2013, Google acquired several robotics companies, but the projects never came out of the role and most of these companies returned to acting independently. Six years later, Google seems to resume from the same point where it had abandoned the project, and the reason may be not losing the market to Amazon,which would be developing a robot under the codename "Vesta" and that would be a kind of "physical body" for virtual assistant Alexa.

The motivation that led to these research easing so is not relevant, the point is that they are already out there learning and relearning and in a short time will be yes between us!

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