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Routine break - startblog

Today, in our eighty-sixth here on the Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Break of the routine - startblog post
Break of the routine - startblog post

The routine can be so present in our lives than even we realized as she takes us on automatic, grease, robotize peoples ', in addition to bringing together the stress. Join us in this post and see how to break the routine, get out of your comfort zone to be productive to have a balanced life.

Routine is linked to force of habit a repeated action for several days, following the same sequence as in the translation, something boring. By breaking a routine you can start a trauma, stress, conscience dissatisfied.

The habit is linked to well-defined actions, only the brain captures this information for registration only after repeated behaviors. There is one end where he understands that are free actions like brushing your teeth, taking a shower, comb your hair, these and other actions, fits in this location. Other areas are centered activities that spend more energy and time to write this post and edit a movie.

We must remember that the habits arise naturally, most of the time they bring a feeling. Being satisfactory in compromise with them and start a routine. For example, if a person starts to eat chocolate in times of anxiety and this action you comfort, bringing an immediate comfort, is likely to include this in your day to day behavior.

We know that a person with more age who always lived alone while sharing a House with someone else, will have difficulty with their foibles.

The more she has a routine behavior, less conscious of him, she will be. In this blind spot that come the questions, will be that locked the door of the car? I turned off the oven? I turned out the lights before you leave the House?

We call this point as the loss of surveillance, when we allow these questions appear give undesirable habits opening fall into sameness. From this moment on, there is a loss on your daily attention to everything you're doing.

It is important to be present in every action, exercising the brain to expand its funding. Example, brush your teeth with your other hand, change the order to shower, put the opposite foot on the ground to get out of bed, these little routine habits that will help you get out of the auto.

Break of the routine - startblog post
Break of the routine - startblog post

Now that we've talked a little how this record, this opportunity of experimenting and reinventing.

Do the different than usual, interact with other people of all ages, register times with photographs, learn something new that I never imagined doing, meet new places, learn the language of computers, read and emojis, take care of health, dance, create new collections, play a new instrument, write a book, do business, make a gourmet day, listen to music from other genres and use your imagination to explore unknown areas.

Remember that we don't have to escape from the routine and we stick with them to organize daily. However, conscious habits, we need the routine to maintain a balance in our body and health terms. Have timetables and follow a schedule are essential for authenticity.

Break of the routine - startblog post
Break of the routine - startblog post

Be creative, spontaneous will be the stimulus for a pleasurable routine. As you say the great sages, life does not have a script to follow, instead, it is full of improvisation, anticipate and enjoy.

Invent a program unexpected, surprise yourself in the middle of the day and do something different and give to your life.

Until the next post,

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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