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Seven Years in Seven Seas - Barbara Veiga – startblog

Intimately, Barbara Veiga recounts her journey around the world on maritime expeditions, defending her passion for the environment and biodiversity. The 22-year-old boarded the well-known Greenpeace ship - Arctic Sunrise - to work as a volunteer in a campaign to combat illegal deforestation in the Amazon rainforest in 2006.

"Navigating I feel in connection with mother nature, for which I decided to fight, willing even to risk my comfort and sometimes my safety," writes Brazilian photographer and activist Barbara Veiga.

Literary tip - Seven Years in Seven Seas by Bárbara Veiga

In the following years, he supported other groups such as Sea Shepherd, where he pursued whaling ships in the Southern Ocean. He also reports his arrest on a Caribbean island while protesting the death of whales. And then his performance against fishing for blue tuna in the Mediterranean. And then there were his adventures along the coast of Somalia, Egypt and Eritrea where they yielded moments of tension, which led the activist to fear for her own life dealing with pirates.

Literary tip - Seven Years in Seven Seas by Bárbara Veiga

In this narrative, we can follow the maturation of the human being: woman, activist and documentary photographer. With her look sensitive to everything around her, she shared her fears, confrontations, ambitions, desires and disappointments and especially her indignation at so many cruelties.

Today, at the age of 35, living in Amsterdam, Barbara holds lectures to spread and not let her fight die.

Literary tip - Seven Years in Seven Seas by Bárbara Veiga

"The most important thing for me is to take a closer look at the strength of the collective and help change the world so lacking in care. And we're all capable of doing that. Whatever the scale," says Barbara Veiga.

So our literary tip this month is Seven Years in Seven Seas, barbara veiga. A beautiful narrative to inspire us!

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