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Shapes | Surfboard and SK8 as trend in decoration - startblog

Today, in our fifty-fourth post here on the Startblog, the series, company Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

(image/disclosure) decorating with shapes: skatehome.com

Our House has to be a place where we feel good in any environment. An extension of our personality, how about decorate the environments with the your story, tastes or sports passion. The new trend of decoration in several countries, cities, are the "shapes" the skateboarding as the surfboard of minors to longs, stay with us in this post and check out our tips to let cool and modern environments.

Bob Simmons created the first surfboard, into glass. In the U.S., years 50 surfers saw the possibility of surfing the waves of asphalt, took the wheels of roller skates and arrested on a surfboard, sidewalk surfing (surfing the sidewalk). The first boards emerged in the years 50, in 60 years with the professionalization of the surf and skate innovates with the recognition of athletes and shapers. In 63 being called skateboarding.

From this period there was already an audience Darling who liked this beach climate decorated its walls like paintings. Year after year the expansion happens in the universe of architecture, interior design in search of new trends.

(image/disclosure) store: skatehome.com

The interesting thing is that you can have several types of decoration, the shapes add as the theme of each environment. Bring a modern, radical, retro, romantic, cool, depending on the accessory and mobile add-on. Below some images of the site different ideas.

(image/disclosure) decorating with shapes: ideiasdiferentes.com.br

Now that has given some suggestions, enjoy each style according to your taste. In addition to having various materials to tip is to choose the art, customizing a landscape, photography or specific themes, the artist will paint depending on each profile.

For those of you who want to invest in your own drawing and put his hand in the cookie jar, visit Quiksilverbrasil tips step by step, to illustrate your own art.

Skate Home specializing in decorating with shapes, art, shelves, benches, browse the store to see creativity.

(imagem/divulgação)shapes: skatehome.com

Onboard in colabs with Birden, both linked to lifestyle promote beautiful, creative and unique pieces of skateboard and surfware, aqui

(image/disclosure) Onboard store: blog.lojaonboard.com.br

An air of surf to leave your modern and stay on top of trends.

(image/disclosure) shapes: blog.lojaonboard.com.br

These were ideas to spark your creativity, innovate with this item that is becoming essential in the best houses.

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Until the next post,

CEO | Starttles

Start TV Company

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