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Sol & vitamina D - startblog

Today, in our sixty-first on the Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Sun and vitamin D on starblog

UV is the acronym used for ultraviolet radiation, divided into hell as, UV, we must be careful, UVB, responsible for burning and skin burns and UVA, high exposure, over time, there may be skin cancer. Join us in reading and learn the importance of the Sun in our life and care for the balance.

Since the middle ages, due to climate change and ultraviolet rays each year, on concern in cosmetics with sunscreen. Discovered a new principle in products, that there were. The market has kept pace with this evolution, perfected their products with the new formulas to bring protection. It is essential in this day and age the use of sunscreen.

Through ultraviolet light is produced by the body, fat-soluble vitamin D, steroid hormone essential for our body, in your absence, can bring serious complications.

Sun and vitamin D on starblog

It helps in calcium and mineral filtration for bones and teeth, bringing the strengthening. Sunbathe on a daily basis is essential to our health.

Receive UV sun rays in small amounts is beneficial. Avoid intense schedules and carelessly. The best period, recommended by doctors, until 10:00 or after the 3:00 pm, about 15 minutes per day, 3 x a week.

Have a good diet, foods containing ômega3, fish, nuts, soy, flaxseed and contributes to the absorption of the pigmentation of beta carotene.

Milk, eggs and butter are foods responsible for vitamin d. Add carrots, beets, orange juices, green leaves, protect and help in fixing the Tan. The important thing is to drink plenty of water, hydrate well the body, prioritize food and fruits containing more liquids.

Sun and vitamin D on starblog

Since the 20th century has been indispensable in the market, cosmetics for women, such as gaining strength for a male audience, being vain and careful with themselves.

To have benefits in favorable times, avoid using the solar filter for complete absorption of nutrients. Other times it is recommended to use the sunscreen suitable for your skin type and having protection factors (FPS, FPUVA) for the types of UVB and UVA rays.

For those with lighter skin the proportion is greater for skin cancer, Sun bathe in the face, arm and legs will be enough..

While practicing outdoor activities, abuse of sunglasses, hat and have all the care and security. The important thing is to enable a healthy routine.

These were some tips for pleasant moments in the Sun.

We're back with some more stories in the next post.

See you,

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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