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Stand-up | Evolution in comedy - startblog

Today, in the hundred and forty-first post here on the Startblog, from the series, company Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Stand-up| Evolution in comedy on startblog
Stand-up| Evolution in comedy on startblog

In the mid-19th century. XIX the stand-up comedy's parents were called "masters of ceremony" as Bob Hope, Fred Allen and Jack Benny's winning at the time a great audience. Be a comedian helped them to give an "up" in show business career. Currently the "Crush" the humor are found on the internet and the "comedians" are the vloguers. Join us and understand a little of the history of comedy and humor innovations over the years.

The stand-up began at the end of the 19th century. XIX, bringing in its roots several traditions of popular American entertainment and humorous monologues. There are models of humorists, in the stand-up comedy that create their own texts and interpret in a foot, so the term stand-up. This autonomy and ownership of the work are also valid for the humorists are creators of their work as Marcelo Adnet.

Stand-up| Evolution in comedy on startblog
Stand-up| Evolution in comedy on startblog

Comedians interpret the texts created by others as, Zorra Total, where the actors interpret the texts ready.

Formerly the comedian, was seen as a joke. Was hired to entertain the audience in the opening numbers or keep the public entertained during breaks.

In 1990 the stand-up after your decline, resurfaces across some humorists who come on Tv taking their quirky themes of popular success.

The humorists create original texts, generally based on observations of everyday life and of everyday life. Update the events jokes of netizens with previous generations. Imagine the girlfriend who wanted to send a photo of her boyfriend who lived in another city. He took the picture, took in the store to reveal, expected 3 days to get ready, and stood in the mail when the letter arrived at the home of the boy, he was already married to someone else, laughter, example used in the stand-up of the father's face program, broadcast by Rede Globo. I.e. methods outdated for today's times, currently with the selfies anyone with a cell phone takes a picture and share in real time for all in a few seconds.

Cheap is make fun with social media and current technologies. Habits change with the passage of time, before what was considered "funny" jokes with nationality, genre and other things, can nowadays be confused with prejudice and some cases, leading to the complaint. People have to filter what they say and to whom it will be said. With the speed and ease of access to information and research themes to develop are easy for connoisseurs, however, it is important to dedication and practice.

Stand-up| Evolution in comedy on startblog
Stand-up| Evolution in comedy on startblog

Play with audiences with improvisations is a kind of humor that the comedian speaks to the audience in a tone of conversation, tells funny cases invented or experienced by him or people nearby. A show is never equal to each other, are in constant evolution.

One of the essentials for all genres cited above is the delivery, the way will be transmitted the message is as important as intonation, pauses, corporal expression, timing, naturalness, among others. The delivery or "delivery" expression in English, is the heart of the artist without him will be another telling unfunny jokes.

Stand-up| Evolution in comedy on startblog
Stand-up| Evolution in comedy on startblog

In this way the great digital influencers use humor to attract and Captivate your audience with thousands of fans around the world. Laughter is the best medicine, says the saying. Do something you like and make money is much better. Study the languages in the world of geeks and are much more in tune with the new behaviors to the public.

For those who have not been in a show of stand-up comedy is worth knowing and be part of the live improvisations. If you prefer to browse have a schedule for the weekend, browse through channels and meet the youtubers who are at the top of the list of the funniest of the ranking.

Until the next post,

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Start Tv Company

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