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Start CEO | Entrepreneurial Series - startblog

We Start Tv Company, we invite everyone to watch the series initiated recently, Friday, on our youtube channel, Start CEO.

Add the contents of the sixth CEO of Startblog with the video in channel. Success stories of Silicon Valley's biggest names, are already more than 50 content posted on Startblog that will be broadcast on video.

Join us, leave your comment, sign-up and ringing the Bell to receive notifications with channel updates.

The Start Tv Company had the privilege on Friday CEO, bring the LEGO story became so present in our childhood, representing ever dream, build and today. Gives a play on the video and remember.

#4| Start CEO: LEGO

The LEGO piece is the most important product, they said. A family relationship with consumers, approaching them and adapting the toy the new realities, continuing until today, a worldwide phenomenon in our history. Go to the full post here

#3| Start CEO: Instagram

Watch the third video and add to playlist "Series Start CEO #STVC" in your favorite youtube channel.

The Instagram gave your first start in App Stores and Google Play in 2010. From this moment the application updates, have grown every click. To access the post, here

Click on the image below and check out the other episodes >>>

Next Friday, 09/03 - #5| Adobe System

Fundamental role in the lives of many people and professionals on the market, click here and understand their features.

Until the next post,

CEO| Starttles

Start Tv Company

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