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Startup #1 - startblog

Today, in our thirty-sixth post here on the Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from within to forums.

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Bet in this promising business model and stay on top of technological market updates. As requested, we clarify in a series of posts on "Startup" everything you need to know to invest and make money with this business model.

A new trend in business, Startup, the Start action to start a business, explore innovative areas, non-existent on the market to launch. Many times companies don't have the full amount to put into action the plan. In Startups include with investors who bet on this proposal and believe in young innovators.

Companies that fit in this concept are the newly established, even those that don't have launched on the market today and are in the phase of the business plan. The Startup follows a plan of rapid growth in the market, such as scalable and repeatable startup. The scalable are those that grow at a fast pace and without changing the business plan. The repeatable accompany the growth if playing the same way, the same product and service advertisements without much change in your planning. Create with repetition.

This phase of planning and market research is essential for business. The Startups will do anything to make it work, create within an unstable scenario invested. This phase is called the entrepreneurial speculation.

The proposed venture is to reach thousands of people, impacting the largest number of customers, and the greater the chances for growth. They can even present solutions to existing services in the marketplace, innovating with the differential.

We emphasize the importance of an idea well planned with actual calculations, short-term investment in the long run. The Startup stands out for having relatively low costs, resulting in big business as the Start Tv Company. Have you ever heard in Silicon Valley (Silicon Vallery), California, USA a valley of technological innovation, the birthplace of the first profitable Startups in the 1990 season, marking the beginning of the "internet bubble"

We're talking about companies like facebook, Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Apple Inc., and many others. Started in uncertainties and today are outstanding companies with exemplary with several innovative skills entrepreneurs. Certainly relied on investors angels, entrepreneurs who invest in young creatives, believe in the profitable business model.

As we know in this area of technology and innovation is almost always the United States breaks new ground. Based on ABStartups records, Brazilian Association of Startups reported that the first companies with this business model, arriving in Brazil in XXI, having a favorable growth in 2010.

Responsibility, focus and persistence are part of the entrepreneurs.

We're done, wait for the next post on Startup.

Until the next post.

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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