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Steve Jobs | Technology and its evolution - startblog

Today, in our seventy-ninth here on the Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

(Photo: / Press Photo) Steve Jobs

Today, we honor through this post and we feel honored to tell you about the man who is his own Silicon Valley, turned small ideas into something great, reeducated thousands new behavioral habits, marked by the Macintosh, IMac, Ipod and Iphone. Where the old man was set aside for the new innovate with class. Bring a little of the story of Steve Jobs. Join us and learn more about the American show business.

Like most big names entrepreneurs, Jobs lived in Mountain View, South of Palo Alto, California. In a garage, in 1960, had the big milestone of your story, the best ideas and had no idea where your intelligence and dedication would lead. Teenagers dedicated hours and hours in laboratories carrying out experiments to stand out.

(Photo: / disclosure) Apple Logo on Startblog

Brought the importance of communication for the everyday life of people worldwide. Thin and high-tech equipment where anyone can use, are easy and very harmonic in your language. Making your mark, a new way of looking at the world. Everywhere there is an Iphone in the hands of a user and there are few numbers of the older models, each version upgrade customers Apple faithful, are much more in tune with new benefits.

In 2011, at the age of 56 years, the world loses Steve Jobs dies from pancreatic cancer. Even with your death in 2011, will your legacy future generations.

Attracted by a magnet, you know Larry Lang and other young people who get together to exchange ideas and put them into practice in the field of electronics. He devoted himself to literature and music until I met Stephen Wozniak on electronic lesson given by John McCollum. Years of friendship and exchanges of knowledge.

(image / photo / disclosure) Machintosh - Startblog post

In 1970, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak launches one of the first lines of personal computers, Apple. While Bill Gates could see far, causing users to update versions every year, retaining the brand, Steve Jobs focused on Macintosh sales. From this moment the preference to Apple and Microsoft users, having market demand, for both.

(image / photo / disclosure) Imac at the museum - Startblog post

This competition claw has always existed in the Bill and Steve, were in court, Microsoft WINS with the single function of Windows.

In 1974, Jobs he worked at Atari to invest on a spiritual journey through Europe and India. Upon returning from your trip, assumes the job at Atari alongside Steve Wozniak in the development of a video game. In 1977 Apple II is born, come to transform the computing market, out of the garage the technological innovator. Released after the Apple I worked inside a wooden box. In 1979 the successor Apple II Plus.

Jobs had to your way of seeing the world, I'd like to follow their own ideologies, was just what I wanted. Becoming in the best of all time.

(Photo:/Disclosure) Store Apple Hong Kong - Startblog post

In 1980, Jobs focused on developing a GUI, users were guided by the computer mouse, the Macintosh. Only in 1984 was released to the market, let alone use a computer without the mouse, was a differential on the Macintosh, accompanied with a 128 k memory and graphical interface.

Starting your Ascension path among the most empowered entrepreneurs of the world, your success. Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari took the creative minds and saw the great potential and talent of its employees. In 1983 Apple IIe.

In 1998 the IMac marks the return of Steve Jobs. An innovative design for the computer age, rounded and colourful. Bringing the connection via USB and the monitor was coupled to the PC Desktop. Since this release were inserted improvements each version.

(image / photo / disclosure) Ipod - Startblog post

We have to mention the landmark did to innovate with the IPod in 2001. Changed the way thousands of people listening to music, leaving the Walkman and Discman aside. Amazing how in just one place were stored thousands of songs, a new age gadget.

With that, the innovations kept in 2007 the Iphone was at the top of the best-selling products of Apple. The following year the beginning of Apple Store and 2008 for IOS 2, was already available in the App Store by connecting users with direct services from Apple.

(image / photo / disclosure) Mac Pro Post on Startblog

Other successes such as the Ipad, marking the age of tablets and Siri, bringing a new communication with the user. These were a few remarkable moments of Jobs. Knowing Apple, we know the quality of your products and your single interface. In addition to bringing the MacBook Pro, indicated for professionals, various graphics, high quality images with powerful graphics chips with efficiency. Blowing performance in its processors, save battery, ultra fast are ideal for your completion works with professionalism. A next post where we will cite Apple products.

(image / photo / disclosure) Ipod - Startblog post

Are many biographies, films that tell the story with different Jobs, he looks like a great entrepreneur ran from your way, created fantastic products, there was an unparalleled capability from product idea, creation and promotion.

We indicate the Pirates of the silicon, bringing depicting the beginning of Apple and Microsoft, with a touch of fiction, Another is the Triumph of the Nerds, bringing a little documentary about the nerds who become new billionaires. Both are available on youtube, give it a play and check out.

(Video/Photo:/Disclosure) Documentário Triunfo dos Nerds

Steve Jobs also known by your unfriendly way of leadership with all of your team, however, had a voracity of his own, bringing a look beyond to the growth, or else, they would not have left the garage in Mountain View.

Currently the growth of technology and the dissemination of information, it becomes great, who knows he, with these new leadership in promising business models, Jobs, would have a more careful look at the team, recognizing the dedication of all. Fragment.

(image / photo / disclosure) Statue in Budapest: Steve Jobs - Startblog post

Apple Inc., one of the most valuable companies worldwide, will be worth US$ 1.000000000000,00 this year of 2017, due to your operating system and be among the darlings of the market. In addition to over 1,000,000,000.00 people share their sentences of impact and lessons, doing his teachings, learning for new entrepreneurs.

Took your intelligence and the opportunity to make a difference. Check out some lessons for success:

1-give value to the time, it is precious.
2-be the best, to work with them.
3-give more importance to your brand.
4-establish their values.
5-Expose your ideas, give your best every day.
6-Be charismatic, infuses everyone with your motivation.
7-keep your lean team.
8-is efficient in everything he does.
9-Present solution to the problem.
10- Think different.

This was a short story in our Friday CEO today, revolutionizing century, bringing a communication between generations.

Inspire yourself and trust your creative potential, make the dream happen.

Until next Friday, CEO

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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