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Strategic Planning - startblog

Strategic Planning on startblog

In human history we can analyze strategic planning based on the battles of soldiers. There was an army to be led, trained to position themselves in places of attack and defense.

Questioning has always been essential; What, why and how they should take action. We can say that the battlefield and market scenario are similar in the objectives to be set.

What are the best strategies to beat opponents. What action must be taken to achieve success. Know the opponent (competitors) to be ahead efficiently.

Strategic Planning on startblog

Several factors show the importance of planning an organization. It comes down to the process of designing strategies and defining them to chart the path to conquest. Follow us and take an assertive stance for success.

In entrepreneurship, well-planned actions are essential for the success of the organization. Actions consist of the process of intense creation, study for implementation and monitoring of results.

The company's DNA is what defines the best tactics to reach the goal.

Analyze the current scenario and reflect. Where are you today. Where you want to go. How you want to be in five years. How to get there.

You will need to know the speed of change in your market to define the timing of planning; 3 months, 1 year or 5 years. There are no rules, each has its own management and growth needs.

Know the stages of evolution. The more clarity of mission and objective you have, the greater your power of action.

Define the methodological process you will use to chart the path, which will best suit your business model. In the market there are several management tools to assist in strategic planning.

Strategic Planning on startblog

SWOT - Strenghts (Weaknesses), Weaknesses (weaknesses), Opportunities (opportunities) and Threats (threats) makes it easy for you to analyze the current scenario. The Balanced Scorecard monitors its initial decision power.

The SMART S (Specific), M (Measurable), A (Attainable), R (Relevant), and T (Temporal) goals structure the goals into realistic conditions to put into action.

The company's mission explains why of its existence. Vision sets the long-term goal. Both together guide the strategic planning execution route. Take an entrepreneurial acting stance.

Get involved, go fight, get the team together, get ahead of the competition and make it happen.

Until the next post,

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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