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Subtlety with poetry - startblog

Today in hundred and eighty fourth post here on Startblog, from the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

project post: Ashes and Snow by Gregory Colbert

To lovers of photography, especially in today's post, delicacy and sensitivity. The project of the 47-year-old Canadian photographer and cameraman Gregory Colbert brings together these points.

With his lens, he has dedicated himself to travel to various countries in search of the best clicks. Colbert united his sensitivity to fauna, flora along with the interaction of man and animals in his balance. Follow us and know a little about this project, which travels the world, however, considered among the most beautiful.

For more than 25 years ago, Colbert devoted himself to capture extraordinary and exceptional moments in distant countries where he could study man's relationship with animals. Started your work since 1992, including India, Kenya, Ethiopia, Namibia, Sri Lanka, Egypt and around the Antarctic were the places where to go on your chosen photographic expedition experiential.

Quoted in this way because of a few moments ago he joined the scene, as can be noted on the dip with the whale is himself that is captured on the lens by another professional while he linked yourself to this study next to the whales. Colbert has researched the behavior of these mammals for two years and sought to understand their habits to quote them in your project.

This scene can feel the naturalness of it with an animal that weighs up to 55 tons. An artist in the midst of the ocean mammal movements playing every dive. In addition to the images that travel in a traveling exhibition with printed version of your images "Ashes and Snow" ashes and snow in translation. Started in 2002 by passing by several countries as United States, Japan, Mexico, Italy and others. Can check out the movie with the best images and moments of Colbert.

Gallery disclosure: Ashes and Snow Gregory Colbert - official site

It reduces to the point of your images don't have caption says that a good picture says it all, it was a job that required a lot of patience, silence and respect the time of each scene. No capture has Assembly or handling, all respecting the unique moment of the relationship of the human being, animal and nature. Strong and powerful meditative images like in the middle of the desert (Sri Lanka) a boy doing his prayers to your front, an elephant delivered to your quiet after a while.

The exhibition Ashes and Snow is based on a novel written by Colbert, a man who travels through various places and each day write a letter to your loved one describing your vision and sensations. Was published in 2004. The pictures do not need subtitles, says that each one brings your essence through poetry.

Get inspired by some photos and visit the official site to learn about the artist's work and check out the videos, images and full information on this unique project, Ashes and Snow.

Until the next post,

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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