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Sweet spring - startblog

Where are you hiding spring,

you know I really love you,

Sweet spring on startblog
Sweet spring on startblog

and if before loved so he had

that's because your love in me was born,

so my only, so the claim.

Run such a dream,

running a great clamor,

and delusional I propose

wait, wait and lay down

in the hands of God my love.

In these moments of anxiety

barely pass, soon turn on,

Redoes constant my will

to hug you for eternity,

that's what my hugs you ask.

And even when it is consumed

the sadness that accompanies me,

It is lost in the past of life

and give place alive to my darling

Spring surprise me today!

Antonio A. Francisco

Honored by the Start Tv Company

#poesia #doce #primavera #malaaberta #trunkopen #flores

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