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T.G.I. Friday's | History and return to Brazil - startblog

Today, in our Ninety-third here at the Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

(Photo/image/disclosure) TGI Friday Unit São Paulo
(Photo/image/disclosure) TGI Friday Unit São Paulo

A restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere and a lot of excitement, inspired by the American culture in your decoration and typical dishes. Its red and white stripes record the brand. Upon arriving is well received with honor by the hosteses who introduces the waiter taking the table. In today's post, meet the history of T.G.I. Friday's ®.

American climate, red countertops, loud music, sports games by televising a pleasant mood to celebrate happy hours, be with friends, in family and several occasions to enjoy the day as if it was Friday. Efficient client service staff, captivating and taking a unique experience to everyone who enters the restaurant.

The décor brings the story where guests learn from architecture, hanging items and signatures. Among them, boat oars, advertising boards, musical instruments, telephone booth, postcards, among others. To look up, at the ceiling, propeller, present in all units, represents the engine of the House and to inaugurate each is secured a $1 note signed by all who attended the opening, bringing success and giving continuity.

The TGI Friday starts in 1960, your acronym TGIF means "thanks God It's Friday" for being the last day of the week for work. In 1965, Alan Stillman inaugurates the network T.G.I. Friday in New York, starting the tradition of happy Hours and being an inspiration to thousands of people in the following years. It said ' the Friday only needed to have 1 hour of work to gain 1 extra hour of commemoration ' making it the right place to escape from the routine and relax.

The restaurant won a million dollars in your first year. In 1972 formalizes the concept to celebrate as if it were new year's Eve with confetti, champagne and lots of fun, registering the brand's tradition of TGI Friday. In 1975 it was acquired by Carlson Companies the network had 12 restaurants. Expands in 1978 in the State of Florida in 1984 the network there were 105 units.

(Photo / Image / Display) Logo TGI Friday São Paulo
(Photo / Image / Display) Logo TGI Friday São Paulo

In 1986 out of the United States, your first store in England. In the years 90, Argentina, India, South Africa, Chile, Turkey and China and the first unit within an airport was in Pittsburgh in 1992.

The first store opened in Brazil was in 1995 and began expanding to other cities like Rio de Janeiro, Barueri, Campinas, Brasília and Belo Horizonte, this year your revenues surpassed US$1 billion in sales.

Closed all restaurants in 2010, had 6 open units during this period, being difficult to maintain high standards of the United States.

We tell the story of the Mc Donalds in one of Friday CEO, where we give emphasis to the icon the big golden arches. The world icon TGI Friday are their red and white stripes and your motto Thank Goodness It's Friday, where, thanks to God, it is always Friday!

(Photo/image/disclosure) Soon TGI Friday Sao Paulo
(Photo/image/disclosure) Soon TGI Friday Sao Paulo

Customers willing to wait hours in line to have a unique experience, with efficient service and delicious desserts. The waiter sincerely knee to make the presentation of the House, "eye to eye" while customers listen and make your choices on the menu, he tells the story, explains the dishes and shows the services the home offers.

Contagious energy to enjoy great drinks with a twist prepared by bartenders with flairs Jack Daniel's ® Grill, was released in 1997 and is one of the most sought after by customers. The TGI Friday promoted for the first time "Ladies Night" where women do not pay or earn drinks on the House.

The Bar Group brings back the TGI Friday this year, inaugurates the first unit in Itaim Bibi. Applied $8 million for the opening with a capacity of 380 people. His return comes to kill miss many fans, next to your old unit in Dacon building, take the tunnel of nove de julho, close to faria lima.

Will be open until 2018 2 units at different strategic points to direct your expansion. Start the project with an expansion in 10 years with 50 stores scattered. To open a franchise initial investment is $800,000 to $1 million. Its main competitor is the Outback having a growth between 15% to 20% a year.

Each year the restaurant Bill $3 billion, over 900 restaurants, only in the United States are on average 560 units. The flagship of the House is the Hamburger, being consumed more than 4 million kilograms of meat.

The climate is very excited, the attendants ' motto is to work as a family. Beginners have the oldest House to learn the stories, juggling with the drinks. Through her brooches and tassels in vests and clothing each one brings your personality and tell the story of your time at home.

Perform various trainings to receive the client as an extension of the family. Bartenders enhance their performances and present themselves at the bar.

The typical menu between the Miami Cuban Chicken Stack, Blackened Chicken Alfredo, Herb Grilled Salmon the delicious burgers like Blackened Chicken Alfredo, Cowboy Triple Meat Burger, Jack Daniel's ® Burger in addition to cocktails, one of the house specialties. A temptation for lovers of a good American food.

One of the special desserts at the time was malted Chocolate turtle, today worth savoring the Very Berry Cheesecake Trifle, cheesecake velvety in pieces with vanilla cream, served in a bowl covered with a syrup of BlackBerry and Raspberry Puree, accompanied by a support tube and covered with whipped cream.

To have a special day on the day of your birthday, you have the option to make your party at the restaurant and count with the participation of the entire team Friday to sing happy birthday to you with great excitement.Not to mention the speech to the end.

If you do not know well worth knowing and if you are already a fan, what are you waiting to kill the homesickness and do a self in traditional TGI Friday.

Give a preview, accessed the site here

This was an indication to enjoy your happy hour this Friday. Invite your friends and go to the TGIF.

Until next Friday CEO.

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Start Tv Company

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