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Technology & Medicine - startblog

Today, in the hundred and forty-fifth post here at Startblog, the series, company Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Technology & Medicine on startblog

In view of the major challenge for the coming years, the medicine back your looking at the technology, one of the areas where we can find an effective support. With that, most people follow the technological developments.

Every day the world breaks new ground in your way of presenting digital platforms and Apps in various sectors. Let's address the use of health it in medicine. Join us and learn the importance of technology to aggregate this market.

In the last decade, the healthcare industry breakthroughs on inclusion and the use of it to reduce spending and increase the quality of care to patients. Analysis, records and data shares of patient care are picked up with technology and infrastructure, process known as YOU, health information technology. The records include personal presence, the paper and the electronic process, used by intelligent tools and applications.

Technology & Medicine on startblog

As the medical records in 2013-59% of hospitals in the United States used the PEP system, electronic patient record, bringing advanced approaches. In 2016, the world rates of use revolved in 70% average. Assisting health professionals in making fast and accurate decisions. The tools are required for an upgrade in ROI, return on investment in the area of information technology.

The use of technologies in medical clinics brings the doctor a more comprehensive history, without relying on memory and description of the patient's symptoms. Getting healthcare quality and professional understanding of the analysis of the medical reports.

Technology & Medicine on startblog

You writes the data served to improve the delivery of health care, allowing a complete analysis by professionals, health ministries and Government agencies. Occurring diseases prevention and treatment more accurately, avoiding prescription drugs that bring some undesirable symptom in some cases, even fatal.

Strengthens patient safety, reduce medical errors and increase the interaction between the medical and service providers, health. In middle and low income countries is crucial to a medical record software accessible and efficient.

The Open Medical Record System offers a free platform with electronic health records, open source, designed for environments with few resources.

Technology & Medicine on startblog

Finally we indicate 3 essential Apps on a physician or medical student, available for any operating system.

Medscape: calculator and detailed information about each pathology with a specially constituted team to talk to American doctors.

World Health Organization WHO: World Health Organization application. Follows the events of the current market with constant updates. Brings a freedom for observation of pandemics without waiting for the information released by the Ministry of health to the public.

Technology & Medicine on startblog

Prognosis: A game that evaluates your performance in front of a clinical case. Rico in information and completely free, brings hundreds of cases of various medical specialties. With forum available for each case.

Add new technologies and be prepared for the arrival of the 4.0 industry in the field of medicine. Check out our post on the subject, here.

Until the next post,

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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