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The Beloved Ice of Brazil - startblog

Simple, yes! But also, very valuable.

Chupchup, sacolé, geladinho, dimdim, names not lacking and customers also do not.

With the arrival of summer, there is also the need to cool down, and nothing more delicious than this famous ice cream.

Did you know he can be profitable too?

We've put together some success stories to inspire you!

Gabriel Velloso, 24, is a law student and makes R$ 900 per day.

The Beloved Ice of Brazil - startblog
The Beloved Ice of Brazil - startblog

Resident of Salvador, in 2016 in the middle of Carnival, he borrowed money and began producing vodka geladinhos. The return came in four months, he said, that he prefers not to disclose revenues or monthly profits. Velloso states that the highlight of the business occurs on holidays and summer weekends, when you can make up to R $ 900 per day.

In addition to selling on the beach, as a street walker, the entrepreneur also delivers at home and orders for parties. The young man has the help of three sales promoters and three production assistants. It guarantees to make a profit, paying employees and production. He's still studying law, but he hasn't stopped with his geladinho company anymore!

The Beloved Ice of Brazil - startblog
The Beloved Ice of Brazil - startblog

Alexander, owner of sacolé do Baiano

At first he started with only R$ 50 reais in his pocket and sold his products on the street with a bicycle of his own. Then he started selling at the door of a school and so was emerging the "Sacolé do Baiano" which became a known name in his city.

The clients themselves gave the idea to deliver the ice creams from home to home. The minimum order is 10 units and the business worked very well. He works on his own, and the monthly profit reaches R$ 3 thousand reais, but in hot times he says he earns more than R$ 5 thousand reais in the month selling cold.

The Beloved Ice of Brazil - startblog
The Beloved Ice of Brazil - startblog

Ana Carolina Alves, unemployed and mother

Unemployed, she struggled to return to the job market, and still couldn't get anyone to care for her three children as children.

You then had the idea of making sacolés. Before long, he was successful in sales in Bangu, in rio's West Zone. With direct sales, resale to establishments and production for parties in colder times, it earns R$ 2,500 per month. In summer, revenues range from R$ 3,000 to R$ 5,000 reais.

The Beloved Ice of Brazil - startblog
The Beloved Ice of Brazil - startblog

Successes are not lacking, what do they have in common? Courage, will and good recipes!

Did you like this tip to undertake this summer? Start Tv Company has a category with e-books for you to become professional, and two are only about the famous geladinhos.

Come on, let's go, let's Tell us what you thought of this little push to undertake?

starttvcompany@gmail.com or leave your comment.

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