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The history of music - startblog

Today, in our thirty second post here on the Startblog, the series, company Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

This theme becomes comprehensive, when talking about the history of music, involving various factors such as; the origins of musical scholars, cultural and social influences, the personalities involved during the process of creation, the great composers and musicians marking periods, genres and styles, the chronology of the themes, the history of musical instruments and your technique in practice applied, the evolution of the melodies, rhythms and harmonic with the studies in theory, including notation and musical analysis systems.

Some say that during antiquity, it was Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher who discovered the notes and musical intervals, with the cultural evolution has added musical influences of the Greeks and West. The Greeks used the music to stage the events, accompanied by a sitar and wind instrument, the aulos. The Romans already used the music for the actions of soldiers and troops to sing his victories. The Chinese had a vision more acute, giving identity through music for emperors, so could be recognized by looking at the people, due to the musical style.

There was an expansion, to spend the years, being impossible to classify music as universal, only in one place. Emerging Division in the more refined study of music by continents and Nations, the musical genres and styles.

The history of music on startblog
The history of music on startblog

With this brief introduction to the history, let's name a few of the benefits it brings to our well-being, our memory, calm, strengthens brain regions, like memory, stimulating in physical exercises, in addition to being a breakthrough for all people as your tastes, sensations, memories that upon hearing a certain song, you feel.

The beneficial that music brings, has arrived at the eyes of doctors cardiologists, during the operation of your patients, listen to the concentration and relaxation. This happens due to the release of dopamine, bringing a feeling of relaxation and well being.

The history of music on startblog
The history of music on startblog

In addition to the cardiologists, as music therapists who go to nursing homes and take joy and pleasure to the elderly. Physiotherapists use songs, the radio even for patients as a distraction from pain, motivating and leaving the comfortable. An example, from the period of pregnancy, the baby listens to the heartbeat, only in the 21st week ear tissue breaks down, coming into contact with the amniotic fluid to identify vibrations and starting to hear. Many mothers use this sound, calming and cradling newborns, with difficulties to sleep. Even used in many neonatal intensive care unit, reducing the time of up to ten days of your stay.

Each of us has our favorite playlist, she scored some moment of our history or brings good feelings for the present moment. If you do not yet have the your ready, find your musical style, create folders with your favorite groups, merge the genres explore the history that each one brings.

Engage, listen, dance and if Pack in each song and, of course, listen to songs only bring you pleasure and joy.

Until the next post,

CEO – Starttles

Start Tv Company

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