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The importance of chess game for life - startblog

Today, in our eighty-fourth here at Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

The importance of chess game - Startblog post

The play of light and shadow, day and night, the polarity if fighting with strategies, to reach balance. Yin and yang in Chinese, the opposing forces fight in India. As much as in life it is necessary to use the intelligence and all abilities to walk safely. Therefore, for the Celts, chess means intelligence. Join us and see how the game of chess can bring a solid structure for life.

An intellectual game Rico to develop mental abilities and in the construction of the human being. Chess is great to exercise both sides of the brain, being practiced worldwide for players of all ages, from children to the elderly.

According to records in history, chess has controversial origins, however, your invention occurred in Asia. Another version points to the India was called chaturanga, expanding to China, Persia, Europe and Russia where the current rules were established.

In the mid-15th century the Queen and Bishop were implemented on the Board, with this, the vision expanded to the other reviews of the game. As we can see the games with rules is a great alternative for learning in education of children and young people. For the Arabs, the term "checkmate" means that the King is dead.

In the 18th century are the first clubs for chess. In 1851 the first tournament between continents. In 1851, London is the first international tournament. Because of your popularity, brought the appointment of world title in 1886, Wilhelm Steinitz. In 1924, the women's World Cup with the title of Vera Menchik.

With the advancement of technology, in 1950 the first online chess games, ahead the Championships with ease for analysis to each match. The game of chess becomes popular between 1950 and 1960, with the great Bobby Fischer.

In the story he had several settings such as, science, sport, hobby, art and reasoning game. If well interpreted, can be used as an efficient instrument for the development and improvement of skills.

The importance of chess game - Startblog post

Awakens consciousness to the limit, bringing an importance to respect rules. To play and have fun if the child needs to learn and follow the steps. Experiencing an interaction with the other player, bringing a sociable media. Will challenge you on every play, creating strategies for each step. The more you play, the more you practice and develop the skills, thus, be able to victorious and other moments of loss, but makes analysis of wrong moves and learn next time.

Seen that relates to the subjects, history, geography, mathematics, geometry, ethics and other. The educational goal of inserting chess in the preparation of the student, bring by means of calculations, culture, political and social relations, location and others. With the importance of following the rules and develop healthy citizens through a playful activity.

Records indicate a significant improvement in intelligence, attention and concentration, memory and creativity. Being a game of utmost importance in several countries around the world are inserted in the curriculum of basic education. In more than 10,000 schools in the United States, studies show, using chess as education, children awaken the keen sense of responsibility. That is, attention and presence in the play, as in life.

Enjoy a playful form in chess for children to learn to play, and can bring subtle rules and make plays for decision-making and posture of the practitioner. Feeling trusted and having good coexistence in a group. Learn from an early age to use chess strategies in everyday life the young are ready to solve problems in a practical way, with situational awareness and bringing solutions to solve. Making learning a life lesson.

The importance of chess game - Startblog post

For young people and adults the art of playing chess if performed properly and is well oriented enhances the capacities of: Troubleshoot, systematic planning, anticipation, courage, anxiety control, decision-making, self-confidence, desire to grow, patience, self-control, mathematical logic, calculations, analytical and synthetic reasoning, prudence, understand the importance of using the knowledge of strategy and tactics, responsibility, improvisation, independence, develop skills, create and seize the opportunities, deal with frustrations, organizing thoughts, developing the cognitive ability of the player.

The Ministry of education in Venezuela points the systematic study of "project chess" showing the expansion of intelligence and the increase of on-call time reaches us intellectuals. We can say that the intellectual productivity is an essential factor in human life. Chess brings empowerment so that any player can share your peculiarity to each strategy. Experts say in the chess game is one of the most important pastimes.

Reinfeld says: "I can honestly say that much seized with Chess: how to be patient, how to support things, how to understand the point of view of others, how to persist in not compromising paths, how to take lessons from my mistakes".

Now that accompanied the importance of playing chess, develop your skills, follow confident and draw strategies in the game and in my life.

Stay tuned to each move, analyze in real time your shot, the other player and the general situation.

So, be prepared for all the actions and reactions that life brings. Planning steps ahead, will be ready to take decisions at any moment and the challenges will be the learning for growth.

Only you will be responsible for your play and in life for his own actions. Be a winner, make your move.

Until the next post,

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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