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The importance of labor gymnastics in the job - startblog

With people's behavioral changes due to world evolution, some diseases have become relevant. To create a healthy habit, daily consistency will be important. Medical experts say that to take a new stance, repetition is critical to making this new habit natural. Follow us and see the importance of occupational gymnastics for health.

Post - Importância da ginásticas laboral no startblog

The first records of occupational gymnastics in history arose with the need to prevent muscle-related diseases, repetitive strain injuries - RSI and work-related musculoskeletal disorders - WMSD.

It was in the mid-1990s that the practice of labor gymnastics arrived in Brazil. The Bangu Fabric Factory addressed care to the personal and professional quality of life of its workers. It was a pioneer, successively Banco do Brasil.

In 1925 in Poland, after, Russia and the Netherlands. Since 1928 Japan's post office staff have been practicing the mode daily and following the improvements. In the decade, Belgium and Sweden. In 1968 the United States began physical activity care.

Post - Importância da ginásticas laboral no startblog

We mention in Startblog the importance of physical therapy and the emergence of training in the area, click here. The undergraduate degree in this area, appeared in 1999 at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul.

Over the years, there has been a growth in the importance of health care, a trend based on new behavioral habits.

According to data presented by the Ministry of Labor, in 10 years the RSI and DORT had an increase of 18.4%, compared to the same period. Showing that these are diseases that affect the health of Brazilian workers.

With this, managers' attention increased, due to the fact that the physical and mental condition of their employees, act directly on the professional performance.

May appear in occupational sectors due to repeated exercise; industries, commerce, transportation, food, cleaning and others. According to surveys, professional machine operators, janitors, production line feeders and cooks were the most affected.

Post - Importância da ginásticas laboral no startblog

Any repetitive work for eight hours a day, often in the same position without ergonomic control, is usually the cause of complications.

It can occur with artisans, system analysts, programmers, artists and almost always the lesion appears in the advanced stage, in the upper limbs, such as pain, fatigue and heaviness.

The limbs most injured with the injury are the shoulders and tendon inflammation such as tendinopathy, bursitis, epicondylitis and tendonitis.

It is almost always due to overuse of the system that moves the human skeleton and lack of time to recover due to repetition without pauses.

Occupational gymnastics minimize damage to the welfare of the employee.

Acting as preventive or corrective, through postural rehabilitation with exercises for back, spine and legs. Body consistency with stretching, shoulder movement, breathing and relaxation.

Post - Importância da ginásticas laboral no startblog

Practical exercises, performed in the environment and working hours, involving the whole team and bringing together members from all departments.

Supervised by the physical education professional or physiotherapist trained in guiding the group to perform activities the needs of those present.

Check here the importance of physical therapy.

Features a combination of stretching, relaxation, breathing and posture re-education techniques. Occupational gymnastics has the ability to raise the level of productivity and reduce sick leave. Suitable for small, medium and large companies.

Post - Importância da ginásticas laboral no startblog

Because it is a physical activity performed 2 or 3 times a week, the benefits can be seen throughout the practice.

Some of the qualities for employees are increased productivity, integration with other employees, well-being; relaxed mind and body, they return with more strength and concentration than before. There is a reduction in anxiety and depression levels.

Improves self-esteem and fitness. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life it is possible to practice exercises during traffic, commuting, watching sets, use these moments to exercise. Avoid obesity, heart problems and depression.

Check here the importance of exercise.

A few minutes in your day brings quality results.

The employee feels motivated and valued. During practice there is integration among all, strengthening and creating new bonds for teamwork.

The 10-20 minute preparatory gym prepares them for the tasks to be performed early in the day. Exercises that improve blood circulation, muscle oxygenation, arousing creative and focused minds.

Post - Importância da ginásticas laboral no startblog

Relaxation gym at the end of working hours, changes the behavior of muscles after the work day, avoiding injuries.

Finally, it is compensatory to get out of the resilience zone and perform specific exercises to relieve repetition and poor posture.

Goals and deadlines to be met will need to be included in daily planning. Set the alarm clock, take a five-minute break to stretch your arms, hands, neck, relax your electronic sight, and breathe. Increase your productivity, quality and health.

Have occupational gymnastics as your greatest ally.

Until the next post,

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