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The importance of memory in our lives - startblog

Today at hundred and eighty-eighth post here on Startblog, from the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

The importance of memory in our lives

From the beginning there is man's interest about the memory. With the evolution of science, technology and great minds – a few centuries – there were advances in the understanding of the mechanism of our memory. Join us and see how to increase the quality of memory.

Thousands of neural connections are activated every thousandth of a second, the memory is nothing more than the ability to absorb, store and retrieve information on the inside of the brain, with the help of devices or through the records of our lives.

The recent memory stems from the limbic system – responsible for withholding temporary information and route them neocorticais areas for effective storage.

The fact is that memories are acquired in situations experienced, felt or heard. Everything that happens in the internal and external system, the brain has the ability to capture, record and store or forget, is marked or disposable.

We can say that we are the sum of our memories, are they happy or sad. Leads us to understanding who we are and how we interpret our lives and people from our midst.

The Synapse is the point of contact between two neurons-communication to stimulate a long-term memory and the RNA is the Messenger of the synapse.

There is a cognitive ability to capture milliseconds with precious details such as smells, sounds, images, touch nothing goes unnoticed by her.

Scientists who study the background quantum physics claim to importance of imagine what you want before they even happen, known as read of attraction. Emphasize every way for the brain to recognize each sensation and stimulation produced mentally, capture the sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste.

Many scientists study the fact our memory be a mystery. How great and profound is the fact that practically the world indulge in our heads and turn into memory.

Rare cases known as HSAM, people with extraordinary capacity to store more memory, compared to anyone. Any fact that happened in your life or in the world-whether good or bad memory. Through the day, month and year. Experts say these cases even if it is a mystery how the memory of this ability to store and extract properly with details each time.

They say that there is a remarkable amount of information in the brain. The questions persist-will all have this capability? They are hidden deep in our brains? Or are encoded in our brain function?

The fixing of memory happens a few hours after learning, or modifications and interference. After the period the long-term memory is stored and you can access several times.

Hippocampus is the organ of the brain responsible for create new long-term memories. There are several individual areas and each is responsible for a type of memory. When a fact, this token is filtered quickly and sent to the responsible place where will be stored.

The visual and olfactory cortex, in the motor cortex are encoded the engines, emotional in the tonsils and all gathered form the hippocampus.

Neural plasticity is the ability of neurons to adapt to new structures, based on internal situations, environmental, behavioral, and other relationships.

The responsibility of each to develop new processes, synaptic bring elasticity through new knowledge and neural dare outside the zone of resilience.

Use as much as you can to exercise your brain and create new synapses to your personal and professional development.

Until the next post,

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Start Tv Company

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