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The importance of organizing and storing food in the refrigerator - startblog

Today, in our forty-first post here on the Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

You may have already heard that each food from your refrigerator, you have a right place. In today's post, let's talk about the importance of your fridge, give tips for optimal food storage. Follow our post.

The fridge came in 1856, an Australian factory has hired James Herrison to develop a cooling system. An essential appliance for people's lives, because of your compressor, moved to the motor, it keeps the temperature of the foods properly.

In 1854, Chicago, United States, reached the first refrigerated to store meat. In 1866, it could store fruits and vegetables.

In 1913, the first domestic model of refrigerator, at first it was called Dolmere (Domestic Electric Refrigerator) past year called Kelvinator, modernized, the heating was by a two-stage pump. Growing in popularity in 1927, with the arrival of the Monitor-Top system created by General Electric Company. After the years the refrigerator was evolving and today we have the frost free.

The importance of organizing and storing food in the fridge on startblog

We count some of the emergence and operation and cooling, now the tips to ensure that foodstuffs are properly and your correct shelf. We know the importance of the Organization for the daily life and improvement of the space.

Organized shelves help in cleaning, suggestion is do a biweekly cleaning. A tip for cleaning out the fridge before you start this organization. Wipe with detergent of your choice, after, a little white vinegar and finish with a damp cloth with soda crackers.

With her clean will have a complete picture, what foods have, that need to be consumed and the rest. To help, you can count on the help of the organizers, baskets, glass, paper and labels with names and expiration, facilitating storage of fruits, vegetables, biscuits, Yogurt and more.

The importance of organizing and storing food in the fridge on startblog
Illustration for the description of the food on the shelves

In the first partition, being cooler, start with the meat (parts and fillets) and cold. Arrange the cold in tapware for better conservation, putting separately or with partitions.

On the shelf below, dairy products, Yogurt, homemade food for breakfast, preparations are ready, non-perishable food. The meal can put in this middle shelf, remember to keep in glass or plastic containers with lid. The cheeses get packing and separate in pots with lid, preventing contamination of others.

Next, fruits, pickles and eggs. Important to remember that for a better conservation of eggs is important out of the box and put in a container in the confectioners, avoiding the microbiological growth.

Below, at this widest part happens the defrost process, being a good idea to put the fruits and vegetables. Fruit and vegetables should only be cleaned when it is consuming, avoiding moisture and decay process.

In separate drawer to put the vegetables like peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, chard, purple leaves, crisp lettuce, radish, beet, American among others. Store packed to prevent dryness, the vegetables in plastic bag

Important is to use spacers, bowls of a self-organised manner and practice for the day to day in the fridge due to space, some low shelves, other, high, place for the conservation of the drinks. Arrange the bottles of juice, waters, soft drinks and alcoholics. Consumer fast foods such as mustard, ketchup, fruit jellies, preserved in General. Whenever you store food in cans, transfer to a container with a lid.

The importance of organizing and storing food in the fridge on startblog

In the illustration of the Freezer, a tip, make ice cubes for every occasion, such as spices, with fruit, chocolate, and more. Use creativity and serve to your guests.

For meat, poultry and fish are separated from the frozen prepared foods. The raw meats have long shelf life when kept in the freezer. Make and freeze portions in bags with the portion of your choice to improve the space, separately from other frozen.

Remember that whenever you take the freezer, check if the containers are themselves, if they are well sealed and with identification label with date of preparation. It is important to wash the food before being taken to the freezer and remove as much air as possible.

These were some tips on organizing, cleaning and storage of your fridge to collaborate with the health and well-being of all.

Until next post,

CEO - Starttles

Start Tv Company

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