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The importance of physical exercises - startblog

Today, in our eighty-ninth here on the Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

It is becoming increasingly common to much information to encourage the practice of physical exercises, and there are those who do not leave a day of practice, however, there are those who escape, as the cat runs away from the water. Join us and see the importance of the practice of exercises for health and well-being.

There was a time when the practice of exercises was kid stuff, doctors recommended the elderly home and avoid efforts. With the evolution of technology and the dissemination of information, old paradigms were no longer taken seriously, once proven for medicine, the benefits that the exercises bring to our health. Not having barriers to age and yes they have quality of life.

According to reports from our history the physical exercises have always existed, since the beginnings, where early man went out to hunt and practiced to walk, run, swim, jump in search of food. The Greeks made the pitches, civilizations cast giant trees in search of fruit. A repetition of movements and, therefore, the partial or complete practice. It is concluded that thousands of years already existed the practice of physical activities, not being considered at that time.

In a way, with the evolution of man, studies over the years based on the development of the body and the benefits to the organs, and system proves itself in history next to the medicine the importance of practice in our lives. With the use of total body, a significant improvement, changes occurring and influencing the body structure.

Regular physical exercise practitioners know the benefits to the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system, strengthening muscles, regulation of the intestine, the low Glycemic levels, stimulating reasoning, peaceful nights sleep and many others. Will develop endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, aerobic capacity and body mass.

Going on the gain through various physical activities like weight training, hiking, running, yoga, cycling, swimming, football, basketball or exercises that raise the heart rate and keep the body in motion, working him as functional gymnastics, series synchronized lifting objects, squat, running, climbing stairs, avoiding hours of training. Bringing the practice with short periods and great benefits.

In order to bring health and well-being and increase physical fitness. Provide numerous benefits beyond aesthetics, preventing various diseases, improve mental health by avoiding depression. One suggestion is to consult a physician when starting an exercise routine and to follow the goal set. Recommended start at an early age to the development of the body. Since the young stage is critical to move the body, have the habit of exercise for a peaceful and healthy life.

There are people who like to release endorphins to feel well-being and psychological improvement it brings through practice. With the release of endorphins, a muscular relaxation and body, lessening the stress level. During exercise raises the level of neurotransmitters in the brain bringing the improvement of humor.

The important thing is to do what you like to find an activity that more fits with your day to day, experiencing pleasure and health. Get used to the changes of mind and body, controlling anxiety and strengthening self-confidence.

Take the first step, the second will be easier and more pleasurable. Combining with nutritious food, body moisturizing with water will have positive results. Make the replacement of water and minerals, be prepared and know your limits.

The important thing that would be nice and positive. To feel boredom, try something new, invite a friend to accompany you or make new friends.

Enjoy our tips and start accessing your smartphone store and downloading applications to help you in series of exercises molded to your needs. Type in the search bar of the store I athlete and choose your.

Take care of you, practicing.

Until the next post,

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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