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The importance of physiotherapy - startblog

Today, in our twenty-fourth post here on the Startblog, the series, company Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

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The term physical therapy comes from the word Physis of Greek origin, meaning nature and Therapeia, means treatment, resulting in the science that studies the movements of the human body, preserving, developing and restoring the integrity of organs and system, the patient, the functional level.

In the mid-15th century, a more refined look with the healthy body, with treatments and maintenance to injury in the organism. In the late 20th century physical therapy joined the action. With the arrival of the Royal family in Brazil, contributing to the first physiotherapy treatments, and in Europe were already advanced.

Over the years, along with evolution, advancement in various treatments, helping in the recovery and balance the body. In mid-1951, has started the first course of technical training, for physiotherapists. Only in 1959, the Brazilian Association of physiotherapists (ABF), the World Confederation for Pysical Therapy (WCPT) joined forces for the improvement of recognition as a profession. In 1969, the Decree-Law nº 938/69, where physical therapy is now recognized as a full degree.

Focused treatments with genetic changes, traumas or diseases. The monitoring is done by a physical therapist, in individual sessions or in conjunction, where natural and physical resources are applied, with varying techniques, as appropriate for each patient.

Uses methods and knowledge for a better ability to move bringing a satisfactory outcome and quality of life. After a history made the patient has the full attention of the physiotherapist, after studying the case.

With that, the professional will know the best technique to be applied, be it Western or Eastern,. Will be used needles, through acupuncture, mocha, balls, bands, weights, extenders and not to mention the colorful stripes, worn by athletes, since the Olympics, which turned into a fever. They were a great invention and advancement of technology in treatments.

The elastic bandages or neuromuscular band, appeared in 1970, in China, made of cotton with a specific adhesive, facilitates cutaneous respiration and brings a good elasticity. Are applied on the body and see the results, depending on the application, the muscle will be stimulated or relaxed. Look for a reliable professional to apply the right way.

It helps in blood circulation, decrease pain, improve motor condition stabilizes the joints, tissues and other miscellaneous benefits.

You can find the physiotherapists, sports associations, firms, medical clinics and to all who request assistance. Part of ER binding, clinical and surgical, aiding in the hospitalization or degradation of the period.

Could be counting many advances in the techniques used by the physical therapist, only that the intention was to get an introduction to the profession, to understand the need to seek a professional.

Prioritize the well-being in your life, have healthy habits, a regulated power supply, sleep is necessary, if stretch, do physical exercises, smile and of importance to the physiotherapist. He will be in your hand, for your aid body.

Until the next post.

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