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The importance of respect - startblog

Today, in eighth post here on Startblog, from the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Respect, masculine noun, originated from Latin, the word respect means "look again". So, something that deserves a second look is something worthy of respect. There are records in 1870, in the 19th century the respect came up with the naturalism. Naturalism covers a retraction of daily life based on heredity and social class, having an objectively in your look.

The man was seen as a product and compared with animal. Based on studies of psychology, Sociology and biology was strong in this period, have been given a more refined look to the man in their relationships. Passing the have a respect for behavioral actions.

The importance of respect in startblog
The importance of respect in startblog

Homestays in various traditions respect is present, where the oldest of the House has the last word, as an act of respect for your life experience. Children learn early to take right action. How to take care of your sister, share with your friends, share everything with each other, ask permission, understand when it's not, just with a look and sign of the parents. Understand that listening is important and communicate in a clear, to expose your look and feeling.

Got a case of a child who had a maximum of 4 years. He bought a few boxes of chocolate to your grandmother and went to see his father at work. Was there and opened the box of your chocolate, was eating when a colleague of his father came in and asked for a chocolate for him. He gave 3 chocolates for him. The boy turned and talked to so many boxes of chocolate, can't you give me one? He replied, I bought to give to my little voice. And the judge said, but your grandmother's not here, she won't know that you gave me. The child said, my conscience will and his partner was silent.

We give the respect to be respected, if the other is more respectful, friendly, communicative, among others. We have to give to get, let's be generous to successful growth.

We Told this story to show that our children of today, are very intelligent and you know most of the time how to behave with respect to others. We just have to do our part and teach them good manners and respect to others.

We can start at home, where the largest learning so we can take out, good deeds lead to good results, help others, have a little civility in your apartment building or condo, help the elders, offer, do your part by respecting the Planet.

Today is the message, is sympathetic.

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