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The importance of trees in cities - startblog

Today at hundred and sixty-fifth post here on Startblog, from the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

The trees to get to your resistance, they face helps to preserve the environment, pollution and urbanization. The afforestation plays a vital role in the quality of life in urban centers. Occurring influences on the climate, air quality, noise level avoiding the dryness in through your nose. Join us and learn the importance of these essential to remaining wildlife refuges in the cities.

Records in the history show that the oldest tree in the city of São Paulo is the Ficus Organensis above 200 years in the southern capital Sacomã, named "fig tree of tears". They say that Dom Pedro I went through this tree on his way to the proclamation of independence and 1822.

Several other existing and ancient Jatobá, jequitibás, ceboleiros, copaiba, fig and Xixá. Decorated by the Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica in partnership with AES 20 species that have lived more than a century in São Paulo.

A survey conducted by students at a University of Sao Paulo based on question about the importance of trees within a city, most people responded shade and beauty. Are two important points to an environment with buildings and industries in urban centers.

Because of the shadows they produce, reduce heat islands and reduces energy consumption to condition the air making a difference between 15° C between the with and without trees.

In big cities there are thousands of species as long as the sprouts. They are great for the removal of gaseous and particulate pollutants from the air, help in increasing air humidity by the release of water. In addition to absorbing the carbon emitted by vehicles for your structure as trunk, roots, branches, and others.

We can cite the biodiversity of animals in urban spaces, bringing environmental balance. With the aesthetics and the landscape reduce the rates of stress of inhabitants.

With the rainwater retained in the copa, reduces flooding and flash flooding being taken slowly into the soil to the groundwater.

​With the presence of trees around town favors alternative transport residents hiking and bicycles. Encouraging the use of bike paths and opting for a cool environment, nice that they offer. So, encourages the practice of outdoor sports, strengthening health, being fundamental to the ecosystem for the environmental preservation and the guarantee of quality of life.

Get to know the species of your region and preserve.

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