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The importance of water - startblog

Today, in our seventeenth post here on Startblog, from the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

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Beyond the Sun, we know that water is essential for life on Earth and the first aquatic beings, there were around 4 million years ago. Check out this post, a little more about the importance of water in our lives.

Water and its importance on startblog

The water occupies 70% of the Earth's surface, being only 4% for consumption. It is essential for the survival and functioning of the ecosystem, in industrial production, power generation, agriculture irrigation and rainfall, due to water evaporation unit, water sources.

Being of paramount importance for the human body, making up 75% of muscle weight, 95% of water in the blood, 14% of the 22% body fat and bone tissue, i mean, the water in the human body is about 60/65%.

Water and its importance on startblog

Thinking about quality of life and the benefits that water brings us, how about the exercises that we can do in the pool. The United States studies show that swimming is the fourth most wanted sport and more cardiovascular benefit. Improve our metabolism, strengthens our muscles, dry fat and keep the weight, give an up in resistance, is an activity that you can practice on your own, with friends, brother or with the whole family.

Water and its importance on startblog

Other alternatives to practice in water: water gymnastics, rowing, surfing, water polo, aquatic yoga, hiking, sailing, synchronised swimming, diving, exercises to strengthen, build strength and flexibility. With that, you have many options to bring vitality and health for your body, many benefits to your life, even, a relief in stress.

Water and its importance on startblog

The sea brings us instant relaxation, we already know. How about the start of the morning in a wave pool and salty! That's right, a full pool to have great results that will yield a full day of wellness. Has already been proven by doctors several benefits that salt water can bring us. Due to your concentration of iodine and sodium is a great healing, strengthening the immune system, relief in the lungs, these are just some of the reasons to take advantage of the sea water, either in the sea or pool.

Water and its importance on startblog

Remember, every body reacts in a way, being that the average we need to ingest water is more or less 2 liters of water a day, occurring variations.

Stay tuned, if you moisturize, fetch a healthy life drinking water, playing in the water and saving for her to be present.

We're done with these tips, see our post on and flavored waters here and domestic economy will soon be in the air.

Until the next post.

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Start Tv Company

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