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The road to decentralization - startblog

Today, in hundred and twenty-seventh post here in Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

The road to decentralization on startblog

Centralized or decentralized a decision in a company depends on the sector of activity. Centralization in decision-making is related to higher company hierarchies. Decentralization is directed at other sectors of lower levels. Join us and understand a little more about the Division of responsibilities.

With increasing global competition in many sectors, adopted new trends, after two decades there is a preference for decentralization. Occurring in companies cost cuts, increased production of quality and reduction of deadlines related to customer service.

Based on the experience of the entrepreneur market is there chances high in large enterprises with specific knowledge and greater diversity in deciding the level of decentralization in your organization.

Currently it is common the hierarchy within an organization to prevail in enterprises with the new business model, the Startups. For an organisation to succeed it is necessary to delegate responsibilities to capable leading your team. These people with the majority power are prone in decision-making in all areas of a company, based on information from other sectors or departments who work on the "front line" knowing the profile of each client and user.

The road to decentralization on startblog

There are no rules to decide the level of performance. However, not always the decisions are taken in a decisive way. Being of total importance the presence of the founders to find out exactly what's going on in all sectors of the company. Be aware of events in the daily life and have the General knowledge of the organization.

Decentralization can be a relevant alternative to success. Grant liabilities divided by sectors, giving people conditions considered in smaller hierarchical levels to take their own decisions.

In this way becomes essential to delegate tasks and responsibilities for each sector. Make each develop their best abilities by granting autonomy for decisions based on your knowledge and information.

The best way to generate great results and close a proactive team is to pass confidence to believe that we are able to accomplish everything that is requested. Staying alert to every action and acting with professionalism.

The road to decentralization on startblog

The front line has your great importance, this sector passes the real image of the company to the market. The client having a good experience registers the satisfaction and the company loyalty.

Regardless of a proper functioning of internal services. The communication has to be clear and effective by employees in this way, the client, will be conducive to listening to your offer, get to know our products and services.

The information with better quality, efficiency and customer service, many times, are located in lower-level organizational hierarchy.

Has many companies that started small and with the growth and change of environment, there was a need to reassess the framework so that the company was organized accordingly. An example is the Kodak until 1989 was centered on decision-making, after a period, decided to deploy the decentralization, getting extraordinary results in your billing. Demonstrating that the process adopted was required for the specific market.

Analyze your company and see if it's priority to make a structural reassessment to suit the needs of the environment.

Until the next post,

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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