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The secret of Chai - startblog

Today, in hundredth fifty-second post here on the Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

The secret of Chai on startblog
The secret of Chai on startblog

The Brazil is the largest coffee consumer and has different qualities and aromas. The Brazilian coffee is as popular as the Chai in India. The hosts serve the drink with a symbol of warmth or to prolong a conversation next to good companies. Join us and learn about the tradition of this exotic tea won various tastes.

The India brings colors, flavors and aromas, being incomparable, consists not only in the fragrance of jasmine, sandalwood or fresh roses. The cuisine is known for an ancient art by combining the sweet, bitter, aromatic spices and spicy foods. Accentuating the sense of smell and taste. Has over twenty-five types of spices to use in your cooking. The aroma of the spices is so important in local cuisine, especially in the preparation of the famous curry.

In the case of beverages, are among the most common and delicious, the Lassi, buttermilk merged and the traditional Chai, pronounced Tchai. In Chai, are at least four types of spices, and the milk is the only ingredient that is not overridden. The drink is served in homes, special occasions, shops, restaurants and some train cars.

Welcome at any time of the day known in your country in addition to your flavor accentuated by aid in digestion is energetic, antioxidant, fight free radicals, aging and degenerative diseases.

The fusion happens when mixing the spices in the case, some are termogênicas and warm the body, enhancing the mood and energy.

Each region of India differs in your preparation even the availability to find the ingredients. In southern India uses on average 1/3 of milk compared to the North, due to the production of food be smaller.

The secret of Chai on startblog
The secret of Chai on startblog

In the northern region of India leads the Darjeeling, considered the best quality black tea in the world and the most expansive. This version can be found in fine restaurants, luxury hotels and high standard houses. Due to your planting be reduced by 3% in the whole country, what happens in the case of the most sophisticated coffee beans in Brazil. Worth savoring the Darjeeling, considered the Emerald teas.

In the country there are professionals working in the preparation of tea, followed by a whole ritual, known as "Chaiwallas" distinguished by your unique touch during the merger of spices, presentation and taste. Usually add cold or hot milk tea ready, distance of the Cup to form a lather and raise the aroma.

In all cases, the secret of each remains stored under lock and key. You can prepare on the basis of the black tea, jasmine or green tea.

The secret of Chai on startblog
The secret of Chai on startblog

You will find a variety of recipes and places to enjoy good traditional Chai that takes black pepper, favorite by Hindus. Therefore, the importance of milk in the recipe for spicy and leaves you full and nutritious. Tradition coming about influences from British colonization, to know the history of tea, click here.

It is recommended to sweeten with honey or sugar and add to the recipe the same proportion of milk and water to the tea infusion. The way of preparation is according to taste, and local custom.

The secret of Chai on startblog
The secret of Chai on startblog

Add in all the ingredients, boil, strain and serve in the sequence. There are cases in which Cook longer and others, boil the tea leaves and only at the end add the milk and spices.

Chai won the palate of Brazilians and is found in Indian restaurants, traditional houses and temples. Today, one finds a variety of spices in mercadões in big cities. The most common Chai to please the Brazilians is with black tea, can be boiled without risking languish, as in the case of jasmine and green tea. Are adherents of the use of the pepper.

See a hint of the Brazilian revenue:


3 cups water

3 cloves tea India

1 cinnamon stick

3 pinches of nutmeg powder

1 cl coriander seed tea 3 pinches of cardamom or

1 pinch of crushed seeds

1 spoon grated ginger tea

1 Cup of whole milk

1 sachet or 1 spoon tea black tea honey or sugar to taste


In a saucepan heat the cinnamon, cardamom and clove, coriander and nutmeg, after add to water to boil, add the ginger and cook for 2 minutes. Join the black tea and after 2 minutes the milk, Cook until the first bubbles up. It is important not to boil. Turn off the heat, strain, sugar and serve immediately. Yields two cups.

Note: If you prefer to sweeten with brown sugar, give a touch.

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Until the next post,

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