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The secret | The Law of Attraction - startblog

Today, in our hundredth seventh here in Startblog, in the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

You have the power to perform, be and be, wherever you want. Join us in reading and see in practice how to apply quantum physics.

The secret's law of attraction, we know of the existence of various laws of the universe as gravity, what goes up must come down. The law of relativity, everything is made up of energy and string theory, everything in the Universe has your own vibe, as the strings that vibrate.

Everything in the universe is energy, you can touch, taste, feel even the electrons, atoms and molecules. Everything is the same thing. In this way, you and your energy is also thought. Let's start the examples to understand a little better the power of attraction.

The secret | The Law of Attraction on startblog

Already got thinking about a song I haven't listen and suddenly go to the Mall and she touches the candy store that sat down to enjoy a cup of coffee and getting home to turn on the radio, she was playing. Turned a gum in your head, where are your thoughts start to attract the music.

Assuming that your thought attracts everything you want, they will be responsible for your future life.

Diverse cultures and civilizations using this method of thinking today, to realize the life tomorrow. They say that like attracts like. If you're smart and influential people to your surroundings, will attract only people with advanced IQ. As the saying says "tell me with you and I will tell you who you are" that's the law of attraction in practice.

Create everything you think your thoughts transform thinking. All the time we're thinking, even while playing computer, read a book, Watch Tv, practicing physical exercises, thousands of active thoughts in the brain. Stay tuned to them is the first step, filter and let remain only the positives.

The second step is to define what is the goal, what do you want to attract to your life, you can make a list of words that come to your mind or if you prefer to do a mural with collages with everything you want until a period defined by you. Example, ventures, car, travel, be successful professionally so cut and paste pictures of people you admire and emulate, use creativity and hang it in a place that visualize every day and think of your Assembly.

Imagine each frame collage and feel the smells, colors, pictures, all sensations to every thought. The decision to change is in your hands.

You can even paste a dollar bill on the ceiling and view at bedtime in your bed attracting a prosperous life. Similarly when you type a key word in Google, it will list sites that seeks to set the search is made, bringing direct results, for life will be the same.

The secret | The Law of Attraction on startblog

The decision of selecting the correct station depends on you, be attentive during your day to keep your energy affect interference, if you do, break and change the tune. The frequency the greater love, who loves attracts many good things is the love for family, for friends, for a place or things you love to do, so bring memories and thoughts on this frequency. Remember, every action generates a reaction.

You're wondering how to use the key to tomorrow is now. Let's schedule your day and open the doors to receive all that the Universe wants to present. Let's cite an example of a dream of becoming a lawyer. Are 3 actions: ask, believe and receive.


Speaking in laws you wanted to become a lawyer, was at this time that asked for it. So, don't worry about the proof of the AOB, is happening for your cause, you asked for it to happen and it's on to the next step.


See yourself acting as great that feeling to solve each successful case. Imagine decorating your room, using the Executive clothing, relationships with other lawyers, to defending a cause in court. Imagine how are the others. Without doubt, friendly, skilled and sympathetic.


Imagine every situation and feel the welfare and the law of attraction takes care of your part. Imagine when receiving the news what will you do to celebrate! Or will skip for joy, a hug in the people who were at your side, will come out to dance. So, do it now.

Action you have to do now is to make sure that it's all right to receive. The phone is on-hook, check your email box, updated media with personal data. In this way will be opening up spaces and conditions for performing in large law firms.

This way you can imagine your day the way you want it to be and how you want to live it. Ask, believe and have good deeds for open spaces and Receive the perfect day in your life.

It was a brief application of secret in our lives. Believe that it is possible is a big step to start and realize with satisfaction all your searches.

If you have any question or suggestion, let your comment down here. We're back in other posts about the law of attraction.

See you,

CEO| Starttles

Start Tv Company

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