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Instagram | Know the story without filters - startblog

Today, in our thirty-seventh post here on the Startblog, the series, company Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

(Photo / Press) instagram profile @starttvcompany

Completing the cycle of 7 years the Instagram gave your first click in App Stores and Google Play in 2010. From this moment the updates in the application, grow every click. Follow our story and record this time.

(Photo/Press) Michel Krieger and Kevin Fellows founders of Instagram

The Brazilian Michel Krieger with your way like the young Silicon Valley to be with comfortable clothes, shoe, headphone enjoying a reval metal and not to mention the preference by bicycle, studied at the American school, Graded well regarded in Morumbi, SP, alpha and bilingual education.

Having the love of videogames to their nine-year-old played the Gorillas, the favorite of your time, ran in MS-DOS, Windows. With your taste for exploring new areas, in addition to playing, could program create new languages with the recoding of the codes.

(Photo / Press) instagram profile @starttvcompany

Over the years, entered the University of Stanford, studying symbolic systems in the field of computer linguistics, philosophy to psychology aggregating. He moved to the United States, according to their abilities, excelled academically, knowing Kevin Fellows.

Among many cafes exchanged knowledge and stories, Mike had experience with Meebo, (part of Google), in your resume was also the Odeo (today, Google and Twitter).

They wanted to innovate anything, besides their creative wanderings by Silicon Valley, they didn't want to work for or other. Both wanted to undertake your own business.

When Mike met the future Instagram had sure could do high innovations, leave the software clean and as had already lost the chance to make a difference in urban fish (site of discount coupons, Brazilian) could barely wait to mark your story next to Michael.

(Photo / Press) Michel Krieger and Kevin Fellows

Michael with their experiences and contacts could count on the contribution of angels (entrepreneurs who invest in high-risk business of young creatives). At first received $500 thousand invested, becoming partners of Instagram. A lot of work, faced situations and at all times knew that something was missing to give harmony to the software.

After Michael have come out for a rest, while walking with your girlfriend on the Beach had the your "start" would know how to continue the Instagram. He returned to San Francisco taking the news to Kevin, gave continuity to the project.

(Photo/Press) Michel Krieger

The manual has the photos application to color lenses to photos, what's missing are "filters" for color images. Not all the photos you take with the smartphones are good, users use image editors to make good posts.

With the help of his girlfriend, in conversation with the two, said, why not, the instagram have filter? (parts of the story based on the book the click a million dollar of Philip Vilicic)

Thus was born the success Instagram, with their filters. On day 6 of October 2010, to his 24 years. For all share their photos and video between social media.

The day was for online stores, have been 24000 app downloads and made the duo turned night working.

Known for your retro way, the photos were standardized "square", as they say, similar to Kodak Instamatic and the well-known Polaroids, with white frame in a proportion of 16:9 being used by smartphones.

Accompanying software updates in each Upgrade, a new registered every version. In 2012, had 30 million users carried out the download of the app with updates, received several proposals even from Facebook for $500,000 and refused. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's owner wanting to increase your Empire, with the highlight of Instagram comparing with other media, increased bid for the House of billions, the estimated $1 billion dollars. Soon, accepted and doing business, the sale of Instagram who was just 18 months in the air for Mark Zuckerberg.

In 2015, the company launched the "Boomerang" app that turns images into mini videos, capture images and make a video short, looping effect until 15 seconds. Remember the effects GIFs. In 2016, can go up to 60-second video.

Until today these high achievers are still making history in Silicon Valley. Read our post on Startup and learn how this business model can be a great success.

Join us with these great stories.

Go to the store and get your e-book with step by step to undertake.

Until next post.

CEO – Starttles

Start Tv Company

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