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The Train - startblog

Today, in our hundredth third here at Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

The train on startblog
The train on startblog

Life is like a train ride, full of shipments and landings of small accidents along the way, pleasant surprises with some shipments and sorrows with some landings. When we are born to embark on this train, we found two people who we believe, will make us the trip until the end: Our parents. Unfortunately, in some they unload station, leaving us orphans of their affection, protection, love and affection. But that doesn't stop during the trip, interesting people to come aboard to be our brothers, friends and lovers.

The train on startblog
The train on startblog

Many people take the train to ride. Others make the trip experiencing only sadness. And on the train there are also people who go on wagon, wagon ready to help those in need. Many descend leaving Miss. This trip is like that: full of hustle, dreams, fantasies, waits, shipments and landings. We know that this train will never come back. We do, so this trip, in the best possible way, trying to keep a good relationship with all passengers, looking for in each of them the best. The great mystery, after all, is that we don't know what stop we will go down. And I wonder: when I get off this train I'm going to Miss? Yes, let best friends traveling in it alone will be very sad. Separating me from some friends who did, the love of my life, is for me very sore. But cling in hope that, at some point, I will be at the main station, and have the thrill of seeing them arrive with your luggage, which they didn't have when boarded. And that will make me happy is knowing that, somehow, I collaborated so that she has grown and become valuable.

The train on startblog
The train on startblog

Now at that time, the train slows down your speed, so I think again in my life. My expectation increases, as the train is slowing down your speed. I would like you to think about landing the train not only as representing another end of year, but also, as a break to fortify us for another year.

I'm glad to realize that we have the ability to rebuild to restart. This is a sign of claw and fight is live, get the better of the whole trip.

Author unknown,

CEO| Startles

Start Tv Company

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