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The true story about carnival on -startblog

Today, in the seventh post here on Startblog, from the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

The true story about carnival on startblog

Like everything else in our life has certain influences of history, be it personal or interpersonal even going further and marking a change in behavior between people, paralyzing a State, where a Country, only works in fact, after this period and we couldn't forget communities fortifying in the Union for this moment, this is the Carnival.

It all started in the 15th century, in Italy where was born the literary characters, comedy, popular influence dellArte, forming a trio of enamored were they, Are Pierrot, Columbine and Harlequin. They were playing with his characters, took you a few screenplays had total freedom for the Improvisation.

Most of the time, brought a social satire, involving customs of the day-day of a high social class. Walk around the streets of Italy, bringing your joy. In 1545, there was comedy actors dellArte, were the first to live in your art, combining between them to act a bit before Lent, where there was a meaning referring to freedom.

In 18TH CENTURY the actors were doing performances, many of them wearing masks, wigs, clothes, bringing in their society, different bans acts of the British who preferred a humorous air. During this period, came to Brazil with the influence of Europe and being the biggest party popular in the world.

The first Carnival blocks arrived at Rio de Janeiro in XIX, if called, ranches, cords, groups, societies or blocks, and the ranches were more known for their theatrical forms and the parades gave priority to wind instruments and the singing was present, most of the time was that there was no other.

As history records the first March was the 1899 composition of Chiquinha Gonzaga, entitled o Back, made for Carnival cordon rose gold. In the 20th century came the samba, one being replaced by samba schools to save the musical composition that would pay for the musicians.

With the arrival of micaretas, some liked it and others are not in favour. It's just that until today many places and regions create music, floats and relive moments that have marked the history of many Brazilians, following cars and entering in this cheerful energy, that Carnival brings. And these days, more and more Street Carnival, the Carnival songs are returning a greater consistency between the cities, neighborhoods of São Paulo samba Avenue itself.

For those who like to rest, you can choose to relax, go for a retreat away from all excitement, there are those who like to party, hang out in floats, sit in the stands, follow marching, to travel with friends, Davis there is many options to take advantage of these four days.

We can't thank and honor all the work preparing communities for a long time before, engaged in a life for their schools and take history, beauty, actions and relationships much learning for all those who are living the day-day craftsmen and all production behind to bring this Boulevard beauty with great content that every year excels and embellishes all eyes, comforting the hearts.

Let's get ready who knows leverage today to change our actions. Have you ever thought about doing something totally different from your everyday day, something I think isn't even capable? Yes, we are able to turn into something more, to be great and useful to society.

Think about it and do something big.

Come to Start Tv Company.

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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