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The white sneakers is in fashion street style fever - startblog

Today, in our twenty-sixth post here in the Startblog series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Startblog | White sneakers are in the fever of street style fashion

The sneakers are white with a fever at the feet of many well known, bloggers, artists, with your fame comfortable, they say it's a companion for every moment. Follow our post with some templates for you to stay in the moment.

Some people remember in 1917, in the United States, the launch of the famous Keds, an important detail that I can't help but quote, they could be cleaned the machine. After a few years did not leave the feet of several girls and girls taken off, to go to school, to the Mall, to balies, matinee and to travel with friends. With them, came to modernity and many brands decided to invest in white models in mid-1950-1960 the all start-up backed the white model models, even Elvis Presley and James Dean, I took them of feet composing a rebel look. Getting popular and going into the streets in 1980, becoming an indispensable accessory in the feet of everyone, saying in a General of all colors.

Startblog | White sneakers are in the fever of street style fashion

Past few years and the transformation in the fashion market, the new inspiration came to the fashion Street Style internationally, to Brazil. The wave of tennis white began on the catwalks of 2015, even today, is whether, for the casual look, hipsters or more tidy. For girls, the most mature women, won the heart of every one.

For any option to look, go out with friends or your boyfriend.

Each season, a new model and new. Growing with the development of brands, bringing in each release, a detail, giving a hint for anyone to fall in love.

Startblog | White sneakers are in the fever of street style fashion

Since the models with a more expansive, big brands for $70, you find, in galleries, and similarly, a comfort, style and leaving something to be desired. Have you noticed that some stores in malls, sell tennis of china! Yes, a friend bought a white tennis at the Mall, in her neighborhood, paid a high value and when it arrived and put him with calm, looked at the label and know what it said. Made in China.

In the galleries you can find tennis cute and comfortable with a handy market value. And, of course, can follow the fashion with your friends.Don't waste your time, choose your model and stay on top of the news.

Startblog | White sneakers are in the fever of street style fashion

Check out some references and innovate with outfits stripped.

Until the next post.

CEO| Starttles

Start Tv Company

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