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The year of magical thought, by Joan Didion - startblog

A book simply amazing and recognized by the British newspaper "The Guardian" as one of the hundred best nonfiction books of all time.

"Life transforms rapidly. Life changes in an instant. You sit down to dinner, and that life you knew suddenly ends. The question of self-pity."

This is how Joan begins her book, reporting the sudden death of her husband.

O ano do pensamento mágico, de Joan Didion - startblog

Talking about grief is always complex and with many clichés, but Joan describes it realistically and yet with a sensitive look of those who actually understand and went throughall the stages in this process.

"The magical thought of the title refers to the recurring expectation that John would return at any time."

In her statement, Joan says that she wrote about the suffering "because no one had explained to me what it was." Her work has always been a way of coping, "a way of understanding the things that give us fear the most," as she said. And so he ended up creating a masterpiece about mourning and acclaimed by those who read.

O ano do pensamento mágico, de Joan Didion - startblog

The Year of Magic Thinking is anything but a heavy book, but it's also not magical. Joan Didion, went beyond the feelings lived and immersed in immense scientific studies to better understand everything she was going through.

So our literary tip today is Joan Didion's The Year of Magic Thinking.

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