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TPM - startblog

Today, in our sixteenth post here on Startblog, from the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

TPM is a cyclical period which anticipates the menstruation, and can go to the beginning or only at the end of the stream. A hormonal change occurs during menstruation amending the central nervous system. And what are these changes that occur during these days, follow our post and stay inside.

TPM on Startblog
TPM on Startblog

The emotional is shaken, the woman is more sensitive, feel like crying, anxious, feel like overeating or appetite, fatigue, in other cases, women leverage your creativity, intuition tended to give the best of themselves. Already the physical symptoms come with headaches, swelling in your breasts, weight gain, cramping, fibromyalgia, musculoskeletal pain and low back pain. Is not a rule for all women, are some of the symptoms that can come and go with the flow.

There is a case of PMS, called TPMD(premenstrual dysphoric disorder) bringing difficulties to relate to other people in the day-day, a social, professional and family performance, in this case refer to a physician.

Have you ever heard of the absolution of TPM! Yes, women in Europe and the US that comment controversies and crimes during the premenstrual period penalty time is reduced.

Due to the fact women are about influences of PMS, may have different emotional attitudes, noting that any crime that is carried out in this period, called by lawyers of "Violent emotion" is played as the provocation by the victim and the emotional Jolt triggered (woman on PMS), in this case it will be included an investigative expertise. After this period, the judge will decide whether acquitted or not.

TPM on Startblog
TPM on Startblog

Doctors say that today, 90% of diseases in women like ovarian cancer, endometriosis, fibroids, ovarian cyst are due to continuous flow in menstruation.

It is recommended for a better relief of symptoms in this period is to put hot-water bottle, teas, DIU (intrauterine device), birth control pills, medicines and some say that the calcium, magnesium and other vitamins can relieve symptoms, the important thing is to find a gynecologist as soon as possible to meet with better treatment.

For best results the hormonal level, well-being for body and life is, do; physical activities stroll in outdoor Park, a food rich in vegetables, avoid excess carbs, sugar, chocolates, prefer evening primrose and flax-rich foods, think positively, decrease the salt to avoid the swelling, take care of your skin and you.

Organize your schedule and have good compromises.

Until next post.

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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