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Trademarks & patents-startblog

Today, in our fifty second post here on the Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out

Startblog Patents & Trademarks
Startblog Patents & Trademarks

​It is of the utmost importance the branding in brand development. If from the beginning detailing step by step to launch your business in the market, the results will be successful. Follow this post and learn how to make your brand and patent registration.

Give the start of the idea, plot plan, engage in market research with focus on the goal is as important as the time to bring to reality the paper sketches for the trademark registration, remember that the future of your business is in your hands.

The brand is more important than the name, many, discloses your newly created firm forgetting to strengthen your business brand. Disclosing the name branding without gives the true importance of potentiality, making disclosure, sales, meetings and slowly growing.

Even at this stage it is important your registration mark, to not happen to others, your record's name. And may have to buy your name of other person or having to find another name for your brand. Be upon steps forward and engage in a good business planning.

Let's mention how you can achieve this record. The rates are two, will be forwarded to the Industrial Institute (INPI) and the other for the consultant specialized in trademark registration (service fees).

In the case of micro entrepreneurs, cooperatives, individual entrepreneurs, of R $145,00 after payment, you will receive the certificate of ownership by up to 3 years, valid for 10 years. After welcoming you will be charged another fee, on average of R$298,00. These values are not valid for medium and large companies, see the other fees.

Startblog Patents & Trademarks
Startblog Patents & Trademarks

Have a few options to launch your brand, you can find offices specialized in records, are scattered through the cities, see if you know, have any recommendations, they vary their rates of fees, an average of 1,850 .00 R$. The second option is for those who have technical knowledge, help or some experience, do the step by step alone. Or the third option is to access the INPI and consult their free courses, offer a mini course on innovation and industrial property for entrepreneurs, register your trademark with INPI yourself among others and save with the fees. See the dates and other information.

Visit the INPI in steps and choose the option for your profile, search the name of your brand on a large scale, to check the availability for the record, sign up and complete. After receiving the certificate, make sure it's safe and made the right choice. Protect yourself!

In case you have invented any improvement of a product or released something new it is important to ask the patent, visit the PTO and learn step by step how to accomplish that record. In this case, after the payment of initial fees source: over the years. The certificate is valid for 10 to 15 years, after this period, falls into the public domain and may be suitable for someone. The important thing is to renew.

See what is the most suitable for your profile and is unique in the use of your trademark and/or patent, dissemination of products and releases made by the company.

To be a successful entrepreneur, invest in your brand and guarante.

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Until next time,

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Start Tv Company

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