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Tribute to the Father - startblog

Dear Daddy!

If you already spend some years of my existence in the memory still burning in my heart. As was so short our friendship, Father, my great friend! I was only seven years, the bad conscience began to awaken in me the reason of what would be the impact of reality was panting in the short time that I spent with you. He had learned so much that the practice of life, at that moment, decided to start on me, the test of survival.

Seasons passed by shaping my knowledge, my fantasies. Bitterness, deceptions, difficult barriers to transpose from day to day, but the patience that is my big ally,showed me how to overcome these difficulties.

The lack of advice often tripped me.

Now married, on the verge of becoming a father, I can't help but go back to the past, to review those marking periods. I remember still single, bought a disco instrumental, where a track titled "I will return" (I shall return), I raised your presence.

Many times while listening to this song cried wistfully. The certainty thay you never leave, is more alive than ever, because upon reaching the ripe old age and having achieved all win, nothing would have evolved into me if you weren't constantly by my side.

Thank you Dad, wherever you are, on your well deserved rest, and beg of you that when you return to this earth as sublime spirit, can convey to my son the wonder of the teachings that presenteastes me.

Antonio A. Francisco

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