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Typical US Meals- startblog

Today, in the hundred and forty-sixth post here on the Startblog, the series, company Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Traditional foods receive influences from countries, regions and traditions. The United States in addition to the fast food also offers typical dishes and delicious as traditional Donuts Dunkin Donuts. Join us and see the best known in the country.

Typical US Meals on startblog

The cuisine of the United States goes beyond fast food, known to include steaks, eggs with bacon, peanut butter with jelly on bread, chocolate chip cookies, Apple Pie, muffins, besides the calories is very hot. With the success of American flavors various networks have expanded to other countries, including Brazil.

Typical US Meals on startblog

The population of Americans is at 78% and 35% opt for good nutrition. On the market there are many healthy options even the frozen foods are practical and economical, featuring labels with low sodium or even zero.

Subject that we can drill down further today, will quote some typical foods and its curiosities.

Hamburger and fries:
Typical US Meals on startblog

The face of the United States, you can't talk in the country and don't quote the burger. Prepared with ground beef and cooked and can be prepared in various ways. Cheeses, sauces and ingredients that conquered the world. German immigrants from Hamburg who brought the recipe. The Americans gave the your touch, adding the bread, fries and milk shake.

Meat loaf:
Typical US Meals on startblog

The traditional meat cake is baked or smoked a typical dish of the United States. It is called by "Meatloaf" and served with various types of sauces and stuffed versions exist.

Chicken fingers with honey:
Typical US Meals on startblog

​The fried chicken is known due to the success of Kentuchy Fried Chicken to know the full story, click here. A delicious American food normally in the countries of the South. Generous portions of Chicken breaded fried crisp and served with crispy honey sauce.

Optional with or without accompaniments. How is a dish that takes just a few ingredients, easy preparation, many families are in supermarkets throughout the State. Well worth to taste this delight.

Mac n’ Cheese:
Typical US Meals on startblog

Popular mass, and prepared by the Americans. Similar small tube noodles served with cream cheese. It feels so good that becomes a delicacy is the right choice for a meal "comfort food".

Dunkin Donuts:
Typical US Meals on startblog

Bill Rosenberg had an entrepreneurial vision for people to buy a bagel sweet with a cafe and take away, fast food. turned breakfast into a phenomenon. Created more than 52 varieties of traditional the gourmets, becoming a success and offer special flavors and formats in important dates of the United States as regional ingredients of each Country.

Typical US Meals on startblog

Traditional breakfast of the United States is served with the wonderful pancakes in formed of discs (medium) to small, fluffy, gross served with "Maple Syrup" similar to honey, fruits, jellies and fed up with slices of bacon. In Brazil the disks are slender with salty fillings wrapped, served with gravy and Au Gratin with cheese. Visiting the country to prove once won't ask something else.

Hot dog:
Typical US Meals on startblog

Typical of the United States and particularly in New York, already refers to cart next to the Central Park away from the points of interest are the tastiest. Every place your way the traditional, long sausage served on sourdough, accompanied by ketchup, mustard, pickles, sweet and sour sauce, sauerkraut and others. A good choice for a new flavor.

Typical US Meals on startblog

Arose in the middle ages a region that today is in Belgium. In the United States became popular and served for breakfast, but in the afternoon snack and desserts are welcome. Its shape is square, round or triangular. Your recipe takes simple ingredients such as flour, sugar, salt, yeast, milk and oil. Served with the same coverage of pancakes the "maple syrup", honey or sugar. Describing the water in your mouth.

Apple Pie:
Typical US Meals on startblog

To know the history of the classic Apple Pie, click here. Despite having appeared in Europe, is the darling of Americans, even for being the major producer of the fruit. Created the phrase "as American as Apple Pie". As well-known and tasty that is present in several commemorations of the country as the traditional Thanksgiving. When visiting the United States' usual taste this delicacy.

Typical US Meals on startblog

There are several stories about the creation of this delight. All lead to forgetfulness of the yeast in your preparation, did not grow, it was served flattened and creamy, being a success until today. The tradition of the United States meets in various places each with your flavor worth prove with a scoop of ice cream.

Barbecue Ribs:
Typical US Meals on startblog

Must already meet by American movies the succulent pork ribs cooked and served with classic barbecue sauce. Originated between 1861 to 1865, during the Civil War, your preparation differs with region and culinary influences, differences in the cuts of meat, ingredients and preparation. Indicated prove in several places to savor each one and prove with different side dishes like sweet and sour that gives a special touch to the palate. Visiting the Country is present in traditional American barbecues.

These were some of the best known dishes, to meet everybody, get organized and go travel and enjoy a gastronomic tour. Appreciate the local cuisine and is open to new tastes. Try again and get to know the story behind the ingredients.

Until the next post,

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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