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Today, at the one hundred and seventy-first post here on Startblog, from the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Uber no startblog

Long ago, when people were in the street and needed a taxi, they were a point or expected pass a car to give the signal. Over the years the technological evolution with leaders capable of identifying the needs of people, this is the case of the Uber. Join us and learn about the history of the startup, among the most valuable in the world.

The startups appear to improve people's lives and experience them in something. The Uber, startup that already have an amount up to $50 billion and is still generating controversy among the taxi drivers in the world. The most emphasized is the dispute and ease than anyone with minimal requirements can become a taxi driver.

In 2008, Travis Kalanick and Garret Camp young new millionaires were on a snowy afternoon in Paris. Had participated in a technology Congress and needed a taxi and they could not, at this time, the idea of creating a service where anyone could call a personal driver, only with a twist.

Matured the idea and the company has been consolidated in 2009 by calling UberCab, revolutionizing the worldwide mobility, says Telles. At first resembled a luxury taxi, due to cars like Mercedes-Benz S550 and Cadillac Escalade. In 2010 the application worked through, after, was available on the App Store and Play Store.

Uber no startblog

In California, San Francisco entrepreneurs Travis and Garret are studying ways to reach the public and convince the drivers who have used this service in hotels to migrate to the Uber. At the beginning the Brazilians who lived in California used the App and have been very helpful to the knowledge among others.

Silicon Valley, the great technological pole is the largest concentration of innovative ideas, the Uber won your space between big businessmen for ease of calling a service by the application and enjoy a comfortable car, without having to open the wallet to pay, online payment.

The controversy began when the transport secretariat of San Francisco started picking on the name and service that the company offered. Just gave the start to the disagreements and controversies, became routine, attracting the eyes of investors and risk capital. We know that in the business world, a die to make room for new ones, gives same way change habits and technologies overcome and this can be accompanied by the unknown conflict.

On the way entrepreneur is important flexibility changes and never settle. Consolidated business sectors set out for a long time and with the same format for decades, are not welcome in this new format. The Uber brought facilities, best prices, comfort and higher quality services.

Uber no startblog

In 2010 he received the first funding of your investors engaged. In 2011 contribution around $11.5 million expanding the company to New York and soon after to Boston, Seattle, Chicago and Washington and Paris.

A company that adapts as the city and the public. Started with premium black cars and then injected a new logistics throughout the world, make trusted travel with people who want to earn your money driving your car.

Uber no startblog

In 2012 with the UberX allowed any vehicle owner be a Uber driver, big challenges and a wide growth emerged. From the beginning had a disruptive startup, innovating with potential creating or destroying the market. All new city arriving disagreements with cabbies, municipalities and governmental agencies. With such resistance decided to adopt a strong stance, generating values reduced to forbidden places.

Claim is a technology company, not transportation. Do not have own vehicle on firm, even hired drivers. As a new format, work with employees registered by the App.

Visit the Uber here Uber top here
Uber no startblog

To be part of the Uber team is required to have a vehicle of established models, special driver's license, commercial insurance, certificate of criminal records and a few hours in the interview. Supported drivers learn about defensive driving and how to act politely with the client how to open the car door, ask if the sound on or off and what style of music you prefer, listen, offer water, if you want the air conditioning on and if you're nice keep the car clean and in order and other niceties.

The only drivers remain driving if they receive an average of 4.6 on a scale of 0 to 5 and the driver receives 80% of the value of each race. Rather than get into a fight, taxi drivers in the Northeast, have decided to update the car, offer services such as Wifi, water, candy and work in a suit. Every day new rules arise, check out all the details.

Uber on startblog

Slowing growth and expensive due to competitiveness in the United States and abroad. They innovated with other mobilities to increase the contribution, shared scooters, autonomous car and home delivery. Tesla and Google already deliver at home. With projects to take profits to the next level with the deployment of taxi-robots.

This year, 2019 Uber reached Wall Street with the initial contribution of $ 82.4 billion. At the beginning of the year it was valued at $ 120 billion.

Big investors like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Google Ventures and many others have already invested on Uber. Each country has to your culture and language the important thing is to analyze the market and the necessary changes to keep up with the growth.

Competition will always exist, they bring challenges to win. Instead of fighting to keep a pattern that is being overcome every day, give a whole new meaning. 

Until the next post CEO.

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