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Understand the difference between corporate acronyms - startblog

Today in hundred and eighty second post here on Startblog, from the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

The management of a business is fundamental to trace challenges and strategies for effective growth. Due to the wide impact of information and technology, new global terms, upgraded to Brazil. Join us and see the meaning of some languages own of executive positions that are popular in the business world.

Be prepared is a fundamental act of any professional in the corporate business. Understand the differences between each acronym, not to do ugly when the chairman appear to your front.

In large organizations the family used "level C" = C-or C-Level Suite, represents the position of greater responsibility and authority in the organization. The first level of leadership or separate it the hierarchical level.

Chief, Boss shortened nomenclature for "C" = Chief + area/head + Officer. Known to senior executives such as CEO, CFO and COO. No matter what the size of the Organization are emphasized in the mission.

Each professional position will be responsible for charting a strategic planning to put into practice with the team. The communication between them is essential to ensure that needs are met. See below for meanings.

THE CEO| Chief Executive Officer-ceo or Managing Director. When there is more than one name is COO| Chief Commercial Officer-Chief Operating Executive, CEO's right-hand man. In some companies may take the title of President, example, Tim Cook, Apple.

In big companies CEOs can be directed to the region, branch or country-CEO Regional Branch or Country. In all cases, executives are led by the CEO.

The CMO of Unilever Keith Weed is responsible for all marketing, brands and communication from the company. He has the team of Directors and VPs of marketing to lead the actions in the company.

THE CCO| Chief Communications Officer is the leader in communications, best known for public relations. THE CKO| Chief Knowledge Officer-head of knowledge of professionals in relation to the business. Responsible for leading the intellectual capital of the Corporation.

The Director of purchases is CPO| Chief perchasing officer, responsible for the project, design and production of the company's products. The CVO is the visionary and strategist CSO| Chief strategy officer.

Quality is the Director of CBO. The CHRO| Chief human resources, head of human resources is responsible for the management of people, organization's internal communication.

THE CIO| Chief Information Officer-creates resources for internal use. In the area of information security have the CISO| Chief information security officer, Director of network CNO| Chief networking officer. Responsible for the technological area is CTO| Chief Technology Officer, research and development to sales. In the area of science, we have the CSO.

We can cite other executives heads as CFO| Chief Financial Officer - responsible in putting the projects into practice, controls finances and oversees the company's capital. With the support of the controlling Manager, responsible for the projection, financial analyses and indicators. adores.

The General Counsel, responsible for defending the legal terms of the Corporation and ensure efficient strategies related to legal questions is known for CLO| Chief Legal Officer.

The publicly traded corporations rely on advisers. Act as lawyers of the shareholders (shares in company stock) to counteract the interests and ensure balance across the Board. There are those who defend the interests of the Corporation, while others focus on the interests of shareholders.

The nomenclatures referred to enter into action to deal with the Corporation's processes and deliver good results to the Chairman. In some cases, the visionary CEO and experienced can be the Chairman and vice versa.

With the arrival of globalization on language evolution is a reality. Get inspired in our channel and update the new market trends.

Until the next post,

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