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Valentine’s Day - startblog

Today, in the hundred and twenty-third post here on Startblog, the series, company Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Valentine’s Day on startblog

Valentine's day in the United States is celebrated on February 14 day called Valentine's Day, filled with tradition and celebrated by all. Join us in reading and meet the mysterious Valentine, which fans an entire country "Fall in Love".

We know it's not an official date and yes the commemorative lovers, be they lovers, dates, coils, suitors, children, friends, married and others. Love across your shape without name and labels. The celebration of this date began in Europe, was adopted by the Americans and celebrate with style. Everywhere that passes realizes that love is in the air. Records point as the second holiday, after Christmas, being the most celebrated in the country.

Valentine’s Day on startblog

The story began in the Roman Empire where the emperors reigned. The Roman Claudius II prohibited marriage between young people. Time of war he believed the married soldiers who were to fight would lose focus, thinking of your family. So, had an interest in young Bachelors dedicated to military life. There was a Bishop of the Catholic Church, called San Valentine, disagreed with this law imposed by the Emperor and was hidden Union ceremonies among the young. A day was discovered, arrested and sentenced to death.

Valentine’s Day on startblog

When Valentine was arrested received visits from many couples who had made the Union, carried flowers and letters of support. A young man who visited her father frequently was the daughter of one of the guards, she was blind. They fell in love and just before your death, left a letter signed "Your Valentine". He was killed on the day 14/02 records of the story say that love of Valentino, made miracle, brought the vision of young back.

In your honor the commemoration is held every February 14, Valentine's Day, in the United States since the 19th century. XVII. In other countries, mostly in Europe, it is celebrated on June 14. All people are concerned by this love, friends, family and lovers. Are several letters and chocolates, decorated restaurants and you can find beautiful cards, even in pharmacies to write and present.

Valentine’s Day on startblog

They say the records that during the middle ages the 14 day of February is the first day of mating birds. With that, the men of the season left love note under the door of the beloved. Another curiosity is that thousands of people around the world send letters to Juliet, Romeo, to the city of Verona in Italy.

The celebration in the United States bring a capital of US $14 billion per year. An average of US $180 million roses sold and US $37 million chocolates in heart. The cards are made by each, bringing a creative touch and especially who receives.

In Brazil, related to the Portuguese Friar Fernando de Bulhões, defended the importance of love and marriage. After canonized, called Santo Antônio, won the fame of matchmaker.

In 1940 the Mayor, John Daniel at the time entrepreneur created a campaign on the eve of the day of St. Anthony, touting the slogan "it's not just kisses that proves love". In addition to the exchange of gifts and cards at the time, sales in the trade lever.

Inspire yourself in love, no matter how, when and in what way is celebrated Valentine's Day Valentine's day. The important thing is to celebrate love everyday next to people you love.

The Start Tv Company wishes all lovers, a beautiful celebration.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Until the next post,

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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