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Virtual Assistants, how can they improve your life? - startblog

In recent years we have seen technology increasingly present to our lives. We go through the big computers, dial-up internet, even the smallsmartphones, and today, the fever of smart virtual assistants.

The possibility of being able to search, control devices and perform functions only using voice command is no longer futuristic film stuff and is in the palm of our hands.

Virtual Assistants, how can they improve your life? on startblog

Technology giants such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Samsung are developing solutions with artificialintelligence, which allow people to search and execute voice commands, giving more security and generating opportunities for businesses.

Virtual Wizards are improving more and more autonomously, heronsto machine learning. As it is used, the algorithm is refined and thus getting closer and closer to each user's wishes.

With this improvement he was migrating from smartphones to become solutions in companies and homes.

For example, in a standalone house, the virtual assistant performs tasks such as lighting control, door lock, electronic appliance control, appliances, and even fill the tub at its optimum temperature.

Most Popular Virtual Assistants:

Virtual Assistants, how can they improve your life? on startblog

The most popular virtual assistant used outside Brazil, had its inspiration on the star trekseriescomputer. It presents a version focused on the business world, with tools that help improve a corporation's productivity with meeting schedules, video conferencing management and mechanical actions, such as opening and closing blinds.


Virtual Assistants, how can they improve your life? on startblog

Apple's Siri virtual assistant is available on all branded devices. Famous for its unusual answers to subjective questions such as life dilemmas or loveproblems, and still tells jokes.

Google Assistant

While Apple and Amazon gave almost human names to their tools, Google wasn't so creative with its Google Assistant. However, the lack of creativity is only in the name, because the application is one of the most refined.

With the launch of Google Home, an accessory released in May 2016, with echo-like features, Google began launching as Amazon's competitor in virtual home assistants.


Virtual Assistants, how can they improve your life? on startblog

With less appeal than competitors, even by not placating their smartphone operating system, Microsoft has launched its virtual assistant, Cortana,which is present in PCs that have Windows 10.


In addition to bringing google's android model, Samsung smartphones have gained a virtual assistant of the brand itself, Bixby, which was implemented from the S8 and S8+ models. Despite being tested and perfected only on mobile devices, Samsung already has plans to implement it as a home assistant in brand ed refrigerators.

Virtual Assistants, how can they improve your life? on startblog

As it could not be different, the Korean brand could not stay out of the trend of smart speakers and launched Otto, who has advanced facial and camera recognition features and promises to invest heavily to compete as market leaders, Alexa and Google Home.

Whether for home use or in companies, virtual assistants are very uteis. Have you thought about how they can help you with what else you need?

Tell us how! starttvcompany@gmail.com Or Leave your comment.

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