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Von Kessel - startblog

Located in the gourmet shopping eldorado terrace with a view of the city of São Paulo. We are very well received upon arriving at the Von Kessel, a casual Taproom, giving a Bohemian atmosphere in your decoration, since 1993.

Von Kessel - startblog

Come meet a happy hour with style served a Buffet varied and delicious food. With the passage of time the climate changes, bringing a comfort accompanied by a spectacular service.

Great place for a pleasant evening and relaxed with friends. Besides the Buffet with assorted snacks, are accompanied by caipirinha or Beer.

The your name Von Kessel comes from German origin, in charge of taking care of this place is in homage to the great German Beer barrels, where they prepared the drinks. As the records in the history, the barrel has been marketed since the start in your mid XVII century, where it was allowed a maximum of 1 litre for transport. Bringing along to your storage the unique flavor aged by time and time.

This waiter, pictured below, is Antonio Ricardo, with years of experience in the public service, from Italy, passing through Arabia until reaching Germany (Von Kessel). I'm glad the House has professionals like him that give a special attention to customers, captivating and making a difference with your posture and sympathy.

Von Kessel - startblog

Bring your friends and come enjoy a Happy Hour from Monday to Friday from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm a pleasant evening, delicious drinks, we recommend the strawberry caipisaquê, do not forget to taste the dark creamy Beer with your ripple effect.

Von Kessel - startblog

The Tv Company were to Start Von Kessel and had a good receptivity, come be your experience.

Check out the photo gallery below with some of our night for today, we are well satisfied and come back with more good pointers.

Avenida Rebouças, 3970-3rd floor-São Paulo-SP and for more information, access inquire about its operation.

Until then,

CEO - Starttles

Start Tv Company

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