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Webmotors | The first Brazilian startup in the business - startblog

Today in hundred and eighty seventh post here on Startblog, from the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

WebMotors on Friday CEO at Startblog
WebMotors on Friday CEO at Startblog

Fully creative entrepreneurs of the digital age are authentic and versatile in the face of a disruptive market. In the case of Sylvio de Barros, angel investor passionate about innovation and cars - dared - investing in the first differentiated Brazilian Startup of the automotive market. Unique way to buy and sell cars / motorbikes online. Follow us and learn about WebMotors success story.

An all-digital platform for 52 years in the market.

Guarantees consumer / user security in all intermediation performed by the online platform. In all cases of sale and purchase of cars and motorcycles. An innovative idea that facilitated the transaction of supply and demand, as well as saving time for physical and online searches.

BMW X3 no Startblog
WebMotors on Friday CEO on Startblog

A way to connect thousands of people, indicating valid conditions for closing a fair deal. In the automotive industry, WebMotors stands out among the pioneers in Brazil.

The idea came up in 1995 when entrepreneur Sylvio de Barros was in the sales department at auto giant General Motors. A year that the market growth was strong, the catalog was expanded with more than 40 brands of unprecedented automakers such as the arrival of the pickup S10, Blazer, Gol, Parati, Corsa and Fiat stood out with the arrival of luxury hatch. What was once limited.

Startblog Post - Friday CEO - JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE

However, the visionary was facing an unprecedented scenario, however, launched the virtual Brazilian auto catalog, giving birth to WebMotors. The company focused on the online system to reduce costs and facilitate the buying and selling of vehicles. Divided into three categories; Buy & Sell, WebNews and Motor Club.

Startblog post - Friday CEO - webmotors.com

But at the time, access to the Internet in Brazil was 800,000 users, few believed that a business could launch professionally, besides the labor cost, it was rare to find qualified professionals.

You may have heard about inviting company members to the same side of the table, making them interested and willing to wear the team shirt. The strategy was exactly that, they invited programmers and entrepreneurs to be part of society.

Startblog Post - Friday CEO - MINI COUNTRYMAN

Soon new team members - Helder Carlos Sanches Siqueira and Danton Velloso representing Banco Real. It stood out in 1997 by joining the portal UOL in the automotive channel.

Daily updates and detailed information on various Brazilian models available in the market. It was supported by Team Systems and Marcelo Zamprogna Krug.

With the increased visibility attracted investor eyes to participate; GP Investments - Chase Capital Parthner. Entrepreneur Sylvio decided to focus his full attention on WebMotors, leaving General Motors.

In 2001, its online search reach among consumers of automotive products and services was 85%. The brand is enhanced and stands out for its effectiveness and scope of its services. According to data published by Ibope Net Raitings is among the first in audience of the segment.

Startblog Post - Friday CEO - WebMotors Website

Soon new team members - Helder Carlos Sanches Siqueira and Danton Velloso representing Banco Real. It stood out in 1997 by joining the portal UOL in the automotive channel.

In 2002 the platform had 4 million unique visitors - 2.2 million registered users and over 20,000 detailed vehicles on the platform. ABN Amro Bank (Banco Real) has acquired 100% of the company's shares, including stakes in investment funds.

WebMotors excels at active users on the 4x platform above autotraders.com considered among the best in the US automotive industry.

Post Startblog - Friday CEO - HYUNDAI SANTA FA

In December 2004 a new partnership between WebMotors and the globe web surfers access glogo.com and view WebMotors news and services. Being directed to the brand website. The preview of monthly hits was 500 thousand users.

In 2007 ABN Amro sold every transaction to Banco Santander - becoming a full owner of WebMotors. They strengthened pricing marketing, end-user content, such as integrating intelligence into data for automakers, stores, and dealerships, facilitating and elevating management.

In 2013 Carsales - Australian group acquired for $ 180 million 30% of WebMotors. With this new company the company was taken to another level, the experienced partner in several countries, accelerated the results.

brand slogan - Brazil's # 1 automotive site.

In 2015, it expanded its IT and database business with cloud technology. Streamlined processes and facilitated portal navigation. Named leader in classifieds in the industry.

WebMotors na sexta-feira CEO no Startblog

In 2016 the launch of the WM1 car news channel with the latest news and market releases. In 2018, the platform integrated Autopago, improving WebMotors online negotiations and bringing users security. They speed up the verification of documentation, issuance of tickets and keep the value in court until the inspection of the vehicle.

"Buy and Sell Your Car Without a Headache" Slogan

This year 2019 new version of the portal. WebMotors modernizes navigability with advanced technologies unified with the auto market to enhance the user experience.

Acting on reading the profile of each customer, directing the best offers and products for an effective purchase. There is an organization by specific categories shaped by each customer. Partnerships with lenders and rental companies facilitating payments and financing pre-approved by Santander.

The news portal features relevant articles and provides tests to target the best user choice on the platform. Currently Carsales - Australian group owns 30% of the company while the other 70% is from Santander.

A potential idea with entrepreneurs and vision investors brings precise solutions to streamline steps and innovate in the marketplace. Sponsored by Stock Car - the form of national auto racing - marks its presence among drivers.

Look forward to the next news from the WebMotors brand, the leader in automotive classifieds and their market influencers.

Until the next Sixth CEO,

CEO - Starttles

Start Tv Company

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