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WhatsApp | The story of overcoming Jan Koum - startblog

Today, in the hundred and sixty-eighth post here on Startblog, from the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

WhatsApp | The story of overcoming Jan Koum - startblog
WhatsApp | The story of overcoming Jan Koum - startblog

Bring inspiration on Friday CEO. Stories of big names have changed the day-day of thousands of people. Technological personalities like Bill Gates, Larry Page and Zuckerberg, Jan went through hardships and overcame all challenges with creativity. Join us and learn about the success story of the founder of WhatsApp.

The communication goes through several evolutions in technology, however, even those who have reduced access, recognise the ease that the App brought to thousands of people from around the world. Moving new shares, bringing a communication easy, direct and free of charge. Connecting people, old, new friendships, work, family and others.

In the year 1976, in Ukraine in a village, was born Jan Koum, with the political difficulties of your country and the search for new opportunities of life he and your mother migrated to the United States, received áxilo of the Government of the United States and was given an apartment and food.

(Image/photo/disclosure) Founders WhatsApp: Jan Koum and Brian Acton

When they arrived, he was 17 years old, entered the social service and Jan sought food stamps in Mountain View in Silicon Valley. His mother worked as a babysitter and he was responsible for cleaning the supermarket, both helped as they could.

After a few years within the technological bubble, became a lover of this universe. In 2000, got a spot at the University of San Jose, starting his studies in computer science.

Most of the time in chat rooms exchanging experiences and learning to program and began working at Yahoo! for nearly ten years the company, created commercials, that is, when he left no longer wanted to work with any kind of advertising.

WhatsApp | The story of overcoming Jan Koum - startblog
WhatsApp | The story of overcoming Jan Koum - startblog

He met the young engineer Brian Acton on Yahoo and were traveling together, in 2008, before the creation. In 2009, due to some market needs was born the Instant Messaging App "WhatsApp. In order to send free messages to work based on the agenda of each user. Brian became a partner in the business and was responsible for bringing Angels investors for newly created firm.

Developed the App at the beginning only for IOS. With the success of expanded downloads Android, soon reached 450 million of users. In this way, with minimal spending, spread the application throughout the world, in some months, there were thousands of phones with the App installed, practically "viral effect".

Become an entrepreneur engaged in market and Valley millionaire. He tried to wave at other companies like facebook and was unsuccessful, later, had no idea that WhatsApp would be the largest acquisition in the history of the Zuckerberg of facebook.

WhatsApp | The story of overcoming Jan Koum - startblog
WhatsApp | The story of overcoming Jan Koum - startblog

With 55 employees in the company, Jan in 2014 has decided to sell the WhatsApp to Facebook for US$19 billion. Jan signed the contract in the social center where they received the food stamps, seeking new perspectives for a promising future, joining the list of billionaires of Silicon Valley.

According to Forbes magazine, in this period, he began to have an equity equivalent to $64bn in kind and shares of Facebook. In 2017 there were 1.2 billion registered users in the APP. In November 2018, WhatsApp surpassed Facebook, assuming leadership in the ranking, among the most accessed applications on smartphones.

The application has a great quality and update ever. Jan makes sure there is no advertising in the App, was one of the conditions made in negotiating to avoid advertisements in the program. The focus of Jan was picking up new users and not deploy fast advertisers.

WhatsApp | The story of overcoming Jan Koum - startblog
WhatsApp | The story of overcoming Jan Koum - startblog

Other messaging applications came and rolled up on television advertisements only Whats is preferred and is among the main messages. Passed by locks by brazilian justice, remaining, to this day, a success.

Jan Koum acts as CEO on WhatsApp and Brian Acton left the company at the end of 2017 to invest in a non-profit organization focused on communication and technology.

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