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Winter - startblog

Poetry Winter on startblog
Poetry Winter on startblog

The hearth fire burns and click,

the flame heats and lights,

and Riddle me designs

the mystery Mandala.

Take turns the colors

and agree new values

following steps of Kabbalah.

Dust, dust, the Universe,

air, atmosphere, life,

the microscosmos starts the climb

the portals of our crib.

Suddenly a revelation:

past, present, future, illusion,

and when in doubt me I talk.

The answer comes minutes after

still kind of in the dark,

is a rare light intensity

that calms the spirit.

Slowly wake up drunk

by the awakening of this honored

Sanctuary of the Hidden voice.

See snow white

in eaves, window

feel the cold that freezes

this moment for me.

How can be so smooth

This landing in severe crash

the heavens splashes.

I see in the distance the smoke

chimneys rising

and the clouds of Heaven by mixing

in mild forms of cheating.

The colourful flowers fallen asleep,

the excitement of animals withdrawn

and the garden abundant in threat.

I hate to see his teeth fighting

and the sweat of blood dripping

in children harmless running,

and back home people looking.

Poor servants in slow steps,

faces cut by the winds,

fallen leaves on the ground skiing.

Come back and sit again

in his hand a glass of wine,

in the heart the pain of a thorn,

but the hope alive and attractive.

The balance of nature hurts,

but that's the way love is built

and becomes forever spring!


This road of life

blowing winds and storms.

But the heroes head on,

just grow the very best.

Antonio A. Francisco

Start Tv Company

#winter #station #winter # solstice # cold

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