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Yahoo! Know the history of the website - startblog

Today, in our eightieth second here at Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

(Image/photo/disclosure) Logo Yahoo!
(Image/photo/disclosure) Logo Yahoo!

There are indications that the Yahoo! one of the ancient kings of the internet, has been the most popular website of the United States. Marking your history in the 90. In 2000 starts a retrograde motion with changes in management and non-assertive decisions in close big deals. Join us in reading and explore the history of Yahoo.

In 1994, in California, the fun begins between two Stanford University students Jerry Yang and David Filo, share links to your favorite websites between them, saw the opportunity to do business, cataloging various websites to make available to users on the internet.

Users did not know the portal, however, had many hits and sent the links from the platform. Born to Jerry and David's Guide to the World Wide Web, purpose of creating database and cataloging the addresses. There are those who remember the era of internet searches, and must put the full address to find it. Nowadays we have the ease of performing searches by key words related to the topic on Google's website.

There was a lot of work to be done, belonged to various sites on the platform to expand the search by adding topics and themes for an organization. A little over 7 months already registered 2000 sites, totaling 50000 daily searches. To formalize the deal, changed the name to Yahoo! Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle, means, another Unofficial Oracle and hierarchical and the exclamation was to distinguish it from others on the market.

(Image / photo / disclosure) Yahoo! founders Jerry Yang and David Filo
(Image / photo / disclosure) Yahoo! founders Jerry Yang and David Filo

In 1995 the Stanford server wasn't working handle the traffic and migrated to Netscape. Sequoia invested $1 million. In 1996, started the story in your Nasdaq having an income tripled. In the 90 have created various topics Yahoo! as, games, groups, Messenger, radio, broadcast and others. A new acquisition marks the history of the company with the GeoCites services for creating regional portals and global growth.

The Chief Executive Officer of Yahoo! had the opportunity to close the deal with Zuckerberg in the purchase of the social network, Facebook. Terry Semel was willing to inject up to $1.2 billion and $ $1 billion asked Zuckerberg in the negotiation, Terry Semel decided the final bid by US $850 thousand, being refused the proposal.

In 1997, Yahoo! has made an offer of $1 million to Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Google's founders, they refused the proposal due to incompatible philosophies, they wanted users to stay a while on the platform to generate revenue, and search for content. In 2000 became partners, Google was standardized by yahoo.com searches

Yahoo! has a second chance to acquire Google, offered $3 million and Google entrepreneurs were asking $ $5 million, again refused. This year Yahoo! Was worth $125 million, and its stock was on the rise, due to the technological growth and the breakdown of many companies. The company was one of the few at this time arise with regard to the internet bubble. In 2005, paying $1 billion and are right about 40% in shares of Alibaba.

(Image / photo / disclosure) http://www.yahoo.com portal
(Image / photo / disclosure) http://www.yahoo.com portal

They bought other companies patent as Flickr. In 2006 appeared several uploads on improved versions, because of the emergence of Gmail Yahoo grew apace in the WINS of a new competitor. Starting your story on Brazilian territory.

In 2008 another proposal rejected, in this case Microsoft that wanted to inject $ $44,6 billion in purchase of Yahoo! this value was 60% more than your market value. A decision that compromised the position of Yang as Chief Executive in the company. New changes in the company emerged in 2012 with input from the Chief Executive Marissa Mayer from Google.

With the new management, new ideas and acquisition of Tumblr for $1 billion. Hard work to reverse the situation in the market. In 2014 the Yahoo! e-commerce coming into Nasdaq and win $ $10,3 billion.

This year 2017, Verizon acquired Yahoo for $4, 48Bilhões. In practice, the company grosses $ $1,08 billion, data from the first quarter of this year. Has your participation in the Alibaba Group and considerable on Yahoo! Japan.

The name your Yahoo! will be maintained and will work together with AOL. In Japan will be changed to Altaba. Marissa Mayer is still in the company, after several attempts to exit.

To keep up with the booming market it is important to update itself? What's new to Yahoo! brings! While Google innovates every year with cars that run themselves, animations in your website and virtual reality.

To obtain satisfactory results, stay tuned on market developments is of extreme importance, such as, have the feeling to close good negotiations, at the right time.

Until next Friday, CEO.

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Start Tv Company

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