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Youtube | Do upload ao upgrade - startblog

Today, in our fifty-eighth post here on the Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Youtube is the platform that leverages several opinion influencers, it doesn't get out of this platform in this digital age. Join us, stay on top of the full story.

It all started in a garage most in California, San Francisco in February 2005. The young men were close to 28 years, Chad Hurley, design and creator of the PayPal logo and Steve Chen, in love with mathematics follows programming codes.

Founded the platform without any project, just wanted to post a video and share with friends. At the time we received videos in low quality, choice, up to a provider.

Report prepared digital materials to disseminate among friends, it was difficult to send, it would take a long, thought the solution to render in less time uploading. In an interview with Fortune magazine, Hurley says, "we think that there should be an easier way to do this".

The first seat of the Youtube, San Matheo, there was hardly any money to invest, not even to put walls in the Office. The website and the providers and broadband spending grew in full swing. The profit was minimal, due to the entry of a minimum contribution occurs an improvement in 2005.

(image/photo/disclosure) Fundadores Chad Hurley, Steve Chen e Co-fundador Jawed Karim
(image/photo/disclosure) Fundadores Chad Hurley, Steve Chen e Co-fundador Jawed Karim

They were seeking the improvement of uploads in videos and send to close friends, a private platform. At this time, nor dreamt it would be the world's largest video-sharing website.

Start the revenues with the colabs, Content ID, youtube passes to receive by copyright and ads within the channel's videos. In 2008 the 480 p videos and mobile version.

In 2009 records in the history of youtube, above 1 billion views daily. Getting the HD version in 2010, offer the platform for full length movies and the famous like 👍

Many users used the videos live "Lives" to televise events, marking the year of 2011.

In October 2006 the Google makes a proposal for purchase of Youtube for $ $1,65 billion young people along with co-founder Jawed Karm, accept the sale on October 9 2006. Vlogam this moment, check below in the video, considered one of the first published on youtube.

(image/disclosure) YouTube Spotlight channel: a message from Chad and Steve

Steve believes that youtube can help lessen conflict between Taiwan and China, because there is a lack of communication between them. Youtube is a way to get the information to everyone, regardless of social class.

Was a milestone in history, a platform that received UR US$1 billion without generating any contribution after the acquisition the Chairman of Google, seeking ways to profit from the platform.

These days, I can't imagine the world without the youtube channel. Some time in my life, I've watched the youtube channel or at least heard. With the development of media and the rapidity of technological growth, nobody is out of it.

Youtube became a platform for great cultural influence, moving people all over the world in various situations. The participation of youtube in online video market is great with the percentage above the average.

As the press they have over 1 billion users, i.e. almost a third of internet users. A billion hours ago assisted by day, i.e., generates billions of views. Are in 88 countries with 76 different languages.

In 2014 comes the short videos, 60 frames, the following year, 2015, 360° videos. The company innovates with ways to raise investments for the platform, as the paid version of the youtube RED, exclusive series for subscribers and they can watch the videos offline.

Not to mention the variety of ads, the most common is transmitted before the video, bypass them and clickable. The intention for advertisers and youtubers is that users watch or click in the commercials. The youtubers are the biggest influencers in this digital age.

After years with the innovations grows exorbitantly, since your creation, the young Chad Hurley and Steve Chen working at Google.

Gives a play on the video below and check out the first 18 seconds video sent to youtube and registered by the co-founder of services, Yakov Lapitsky, shows Jawed Karim at San Diego Zoo, check out.

(video/disclosure) jawed channel: me at the zoo

Youtube WINS with high quality content, more than any other online video platform. On average, a month is registered, over 6 billion hours attended. Every minute, 100 hours of video are uploaded. Grows the number of shares on facebook and Twitter, surpassing 700 videos shared by minute.

Who was at the top of the world most watched video, was the South Korean star Psy with clip "Gangnam" getting 5 years at the top with over 2.894.426.475 today is with 2.943.829.199 views.

(video/disclosure) channel officialpsy: PSY - GANGNAM STYLE(강남스타일) M/V

Rapper Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Rotterdam (producer) bring the clip in tribute to actor Paul Walker, there are 2 years ago, overcoming the Psy 2.895.373.709 top ranking in views, today, 3.077.422.155 views.

(video/disclosure) Wiz Khalifa Channel: See You Again ft. Charlie Puth

According to the British media the reign of Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Rotterdam are threatened by the Puerto Rican Luis Fonsi, with the clip "Despacito" in August exceeded the 3 billion views, making it the most watched video on youtube. Having the daily peak of 25 million hits. Today in the House3.512.257.346

(video/disclosure) Channel LuisFonsiVEVO: Despacito tf. Daddy Yankee

Youtube inspires everyone and help in daily transformation behind each record that is sent into the air.

Find your way to express and share with the world your knowledge. This was just some information in this story that grows with each upload, registering successes and marking our digital age.

Subscribe to our channel and stay on top of our Tv programming.

Until next Friday CEO,

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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